Shirt Sighting: Indoor Rock/Gym Climbing Unleashed

This has got to be THE best Fat Man Unleashed shirt sighting yet! An old buddy of mine, who happens to be the CEO of a New York based strategic digital marketing firm called Elephant Ventures, is an indoor rock climbing buff. He isn’t buff himself, but I always thought he had a lot of potential. He taught me TABLES, TR’s, and TD’s. Those were the days Art, those were the days.

Here is Art Shectman unleashing his inner warrior (while sporting the awesomeness that is the Fat Man Unleashed shirt, of course).

Fat Man Unleashed Rock Climbing
Fat Man Unleashed Indoor Rock Climbing
Fat Man Unleashed gym Climbing
Fat Man Unleashed flexing


Don’t the angles give you that Spider Man/Peter Parker feeling? How did he manage to get such great shots of himself? 🙂

Art attended MIT, built robots, tutored inner city youth, and is an all around great person. He recently went gym climbing and managed to get some great shots from a cell phone. Some of the pics were a bit blurry but they came out great anyway. I have been climbing once and it’s a very good total body workout. I recommend it.

If you would like a Fat Man Unleashed shirt don’t hesitate to buy one. If you see anyone with a Fat Man Unleashed shirt let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email. You can even take a picture of it and send to me (with the persons permission of course). I’m interested in knowing!!

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  1. this is definately a very cool tshirt

  2. Strong OneNo Gravatar says:

    I still luv the shirt.

  3. Koozie GuyNo Gravatar says:

    umm…good pics..i liked his t-shirt!! and that climbing was…uh..!! post was ok!

  4. PatNo Gravatar says:

    Rockclimbing is a fun way to loose some fat… Greetings from Switzerland

  5. MintyViewNo Gravatar says:

    this is aweseom – nice viral marketing! hope to see more t shirt spotting posts!

  6. ianNo Gravatar says:

    I wonder if dudes forearm hurts from climbing the wall. cause I went rock climbing once and damn did my forearms hur tthe next day

  7. SwarovskiNo Gravatar says:

    The T-shirt is nice!

  8. AcompliaNo Gravatar says:

    Now this is a way of keeping trim do it a 100 times a day you should be fine. also you have to try the real thing.
    you master that and work out and also jog, the girls should be running behind you in no time.

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