Still Fighting The War!

I was recently attacked by one of our facebook follower’s whose profile name is Patrick Galego. He claims that I am a fraud. He claims that I have lied to you all and that I am not who I say I am. My response is, “go fuck yourself!” Excuse my language. I usually don’t like to use curse words in my blogs but he deserved it. After he left this post on our facebook fan page, he looked sooooooo dumb that he decided to delete the post. So unfortunately I can’t post it here.

I was very bothered by his comments so I decided to air this thing out. So let me clear this thing up right now. I never claimed to be a skinny man. I never claimed to be perfect or flawless with no imperfections. No I’m far from perfect. I have many flaws and imperfections. I’ll tell you what I HAVE claimed to be. I have claimed to be a Fat Man, a Fat Man “Unleashed”. And that I will stand by for the rest of my life.

Although I was upset by his comments, I decided to use it as motivation. So Patrick if you’re out there and you’re reading this I’d like to thank you, you are now my new motivation. We made this video to motivate you, but it also motivates me. I see how far I’ve come, but I also see how far I need to go. I’ve won many battles but I’m still fighting the war. This war will never end, but I promise you that I’ll be fighting till death. Death To The Yo-Yo Life!!!!

About the Author

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Frank Cruz. I am a former fat man who’s almost completely unleashed. I had an appetite that could not be satisfied. Four years ago I stepped on the scale, and was blown away when I saw the shocking number: 298. On January 1st, 2009 I decided to make a real change and I mean, mind, body, and soul. From that day forth I was on a mission to lose this weight. Something switched deep in my subconscious; I saw myself like a new man. That’s when the real change began, when my mind and soul won the battle over my body. Today I invite you to join me on a mission to transform your lives. This is truly a difficult task, but one that can be accomplished. I know how to do this; I have the road map to success!! Come and join me, and you too can be UNLEASHED.

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  1. Maria SanchezNo Gravatar says:

    Yes Frank, haters roam the earth. Thank God for them, they make our fight worthwhile. If it wasn’t for them and their smart ass comments, we wouldn’t have reality checks. They are a mirror of what truly lies in our hearts. If we are offended, the ugliness rises to the surface of our hearts and we are forced to deal with them. But it is all for our benefit. If there is no offense, thank them for the reality check anyway. YOU GO MY MAN!!!! It was your battle, your fight, your sacrifice that got you here, today, not skinny, but exactly where you’re at today. Onward Mr. Stop the YO YO!! <3

  2. Ben DetwilerNo Gravatar says:

    Stay strong Frank. There will always be haters out there trying to bring you down. Keep up the hard work and I hope you achieve your goals!

  3. JaredNo Gravatar says:

    Yup… trolls gon’ troll.

    Kudos for handling it with dignity. Keep up the good work.

  4. FedeNo Gravatar says:

    That guy must be a stupid telling you are a fraud. He does not realize all the efforts you made.

  5. GeorgeNo Gravatar says:

    This just goes to show that you are a good and honest guy trying to help people. Keep up the work, and nice to see that you use this as a motivation. Thats what I call a positive outlook.

  6. GreggNo Gravatar says:

    Wow! Let me see if I’ve got this right. You have the courage to put yourself out there to help yourself and others. He takes a cheap shot at you and attacks you–online–something he wouldnt have the cojones to do face to face. Typical coward! Thanks for bringing this to light and for your encouragement to all of your readers.

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