Super Bowl Party Versus New Year’s Resolution

Dr. Kal, Doctor, Health and Fitness Instructor. Former Fat Man.

Okay, the Super Bowl is set. Israel’s New York Football Giants versus the undefeated and unstoppable New England Patriots. I don’t think the Giants have a chance, but I didn’t think they could beat the Buccaneers, the Cowboys, or the Packers.

Now that you know who is in the Super Bowl, you need to make plans to watch the game. You have three choices. You can:

  • Attend someone else’s Super Bowl Party
  • Throw your own Super Bowl Party
  • Stay at home and watch the game all by yourself

I hope none of you are planning on choosing Choice #3. If you are, I invite you to go to Israel’s house to watch the game. Just don’t tell him I sent you.

Some of you are excited about the Super Bowl itself. Some of you are excited about the commercials. However, many of you are excited about the food you are going to eat. Many of you plan to eat junk foods and fast foods, but you don’t have to. With a little creativity, advanced thinking, and a few substitutions, you can turn an unhealthy Super Bowl Feast into a healthy Super Bowl Feast.

I will give you some examples, but you should think of your own also.

Healthy Substitution Ideas


  • Drink light beers instead of regular beers
  • Drink diet sodas instead of regular sodas
  • Eat non-breaded buffalo wings instead of breaded buffalo wings
  • Eat salsa instead of sour cream based dips
  • Eat baked tortilla chips instead of fried
  • Eat oven-fried chicken instead of pan-fried chicken
  • Eat sandwiches made with lean meats, mustard, and whole wheat bread instead of sandwiches made with fatty meats, mayo, and white bread
  • Eat South Beach Diet Pizzas instead of delivery
  • Eat pizzas made with whole wheat crust and 2% mozzarella instead of pizzas made with white crust and regular fat mozzarella
  • Eat sweet potato fries fried in canola oil or Terra Chips instead of regular French fries
  • Use hot sauce/Tabasco sauce instead of ketchup
  • Drink water or crystal light instead of juice
  • Eat lean turkey burgers instead of beef burgers

The possibilities are endless. Just take your favorite foods and find a healthier option with fewer calories, grams of “bad” fats, and grams of “bad” carbs. And if you are going to someone else’s party, take some healthy options with you so you have something to eat and drink.

Dr. Kalvin Chinyere is a weight-loss expert and ex-fat man. He is also the creator of the Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Plan and the main contributor at Dr. Kal’s Blog.

About the Author

Dr. Kalvin Chinyere is a physician, weight-loss expert and ex-fat man. He is also the creator of the Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Plan and the main contributor at Dr. Kal’s Blog.

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  1. Great and fun advice. How do these sound… Fajitas with grilled chicken, the atkins fajitas, green pepper, onion, ground turkey (instead of beef), beans, low fat cheese, light sour cream, mushrooms, avacado, salsa, fresh tomato, etc… semi heathly or no? Buffet style is probably not the best idea but is this a decent option?

  2. Dr. KalNo Gravatar says:

    Sounds good Hustle Strategy. The ingredients are all healthy. Just watch your portion sizes.

  3. WaltNo Gravatar says:

    Have you seen this article at The Onion? Might give you a laugh…

    Giants: ‘We Almost Beat The Patriots Once, We Can Almost Beat Them Again’

    NEW YORK—As they come closer to their Super Bowl clash with the formidable Patriots—the team they nearly defeated in late December—the Giants are confident that they can come close to beating the undefeated AFC champions on football’s biggest stage.

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      Dumb writers. Giants will prevail. You can bet on that. I said it HERE. GIANTS WILL BEAT THE PATRIOTS to win the super bowl this year.

  4. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Or how about this. It is only one day, so be extra committed the rest of the week, work out hard the day before and the day after, and eat whatever the heck you want at the Super Bowl party. 😉

    • Dr. KalNo Gravatar says:

      I have to disagree with you John. I never try to make up for cheat days. If I cheat or overendulge, I just let it go. I don’t believe in working out more or eating less to make up for mistakes or lapses. Either before or after cheating.

      If you are planning on cheating, just do it and enjoy it. Simply start fresh the next day as if nothing happened.

  5. Blaine MooreNo Gravatar says:

    Well, I don’t drink soda, so that’s a non issue. As for drinking light beer – nah. I ran out of the stuff I brew, so I’ll get some local craft beers that actually taste good.

    As for pizza, I have both of your suggestions beat. I make the dough from scratch and cook it myself. Healthy and tasty!

  6. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    BTW, Isreal, have you tried out Kashi’s frozen pizzas?

    Check ’em out! All three types are delicious.

  7. Kashi’s frozen pizza’s, they are very delicious. I eat them sometimes and when I eat them it is like you want more and more.

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