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swanson health productsAbout a week ago I reached for my multivitamin and realized my supply was running low. I needed to reorder.

Not remembering where I originally ordered the vitamins from, I got online and began searching. That’s when I came across Swanson Vitamins.

I had not heard of the company before, but according to their website, they have been in business since ’69. I checked out reviews and they have a great overall rating. I decided I would give them my business.

The site is laid out very nicely, and it is easy to find what you are looking for. If you have a certain item in mind, simply enter it in the search field in the top left, and the results will pop up for you.

Seeing as how I wasn’t quite sure which vitamins I would purchase, I clicked on the Vitamins and Supplements tab and scrolled down to Women’s Health. From there, I found the Multivitamin and Mineral Formulas tab and proceeded to see what my choices would be.


After reading the product reviews and comparing prices from several of the multi products, I decided on the Swanson brand Women’s Prime Multi. I was impressed by what other consumers had to say, the price and the amount of vitamins per bottle: 90 versus 60 from my previous multi.

My curiosity heightened by the reviews and ease of the site, I clicked in the search bar looking for Green Tea Extract. My results were quickly displayed, and I was surprised to see the Swanson brand extract at a very cheap price with stellar reviews. I added it to my cart.

While further surfing the site, I browsed at various items included the Branch Chain Amino Acids, CoQ10 and Ubiquinol. I decided on the Amino Acids and processed my order.

Within three days my purchases arrived and were neatly packaged, which was perfect timing as I had one day left of my original vitamins.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchases from Swanson. I would recommend the site to anyone who is looking for new health products. They also have a great blog that is full of information you may find useful.

Check back in a few weeks for an update on my progress with the new supplements.

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