That Just Doesn’t Work For Me

Most of my articles on Fat Man Unleashed (FMU) provide readers with tips or bits of advice to help jumpstart healthier lifestyles. But I’m no expert.

One of Israel Lagares’ – the creator of FMU – main goals when he started this project was to open up the floor to readers and have a little healthy interaction (pun was most definitely intended) with like-minded people looking to improve their overall health.

I’ve personally known people who have tried every diet and weight loss plan in the book and have still struggled to achieve their health goals. The problem is, maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t a cookie cutter kind of deal. The same plans, diets and workouts don’t always work for everyone.

Maybe this is you. Maybe you’ve tried it all and still are unhappy with your level of health and personal fitness. Maybe you need a fresh approach, a fresh idea, a fresh perspective on your health.


If you’ve ever been in a brainstorming session, either in your business or personal lives, you know that sometimes good ideas come about by just tossing thoughts around. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of thinking and digging to unearth a real gem of a plan.

So here’s what I have planned.

Using the comments section below, share what workouts, eating plans, ideas or exercises either work or don’t work for you. Give some advice on motivation, goals and how to get back on the wagon when you fall off. Offer your opinion on the best proteins, vitamins and dietary supplements that you’ve found. Provide a healthy recipe that doesn’t taste…um…healthy. We want to hear it. And if you’re frustrated, share that with us, too. We’re here to help. We’ve probably been there before. We might have just the advice you need to start anew this New Year.

So here’s to a life-changing brainstorming session. Hope it turns out better than the Bay of Pigs.

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Elizabeth Perez is a freelance writer and blogger living in the Tampa Bay area. She holds a bachelor’s degree is mass communications from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Currently, she works for a non-profit where she writes press releases and web content. Follow her blog and see recent work at her website,

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  1. MikeNo Gravatar says:

    I feel compound exercises that use many muscles are a great way to jump start your workout. Such exercises like one arm dumbbell clean and jerk press is a great exercise. If you want a quick calorie burner then try squat thrusts or burpee’s.

  2. dawnieNo Gravatar says:

    Exercise won’t work if you don’t watch what you eat. It is important that you cut down the unnecessary food that is makes you gain a lot of weight. Proper diet always work with proper exercise. Eat only what you can digest. No carb should strictly be followed after 3 in the afternoon.

  3. JessicaNo Gravatar says:

    Going over board in my workouts that it makes me throw up. Yea…. That just doesn’t work for me…. lol…

  4. Totally agree! I earn my carbs, meaning I only eat carbs after a workout, and only within 2 hours after! And of course the once a week cheat, which you have to give your body otherwise it’s only gonna start craving like mad and you’ll end up going on a massive binge!

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