The Evolution – Pictures of the Metamorphosis

This section is where I will be periodically posting all of the pictures that I take throughout the process of me losing the weight. Check back here often for visual updates on my healthy weight loss progress. I will attempt to take new pictures every week monthly.

Me at Day 1. Scroll down for the progression…

Before Picture 3

Second Shots on Day 8.

Normal Front Shot


3rd Shots on 6/10/2007

2 weeks later

2 weeks later

2 weeks later back

2 weeks later side shot

2 weeks later

2 weeks later

This is a pic from July. I had lost a few pounds.
Mr. Bundles T SHIRT

A shot of me sitting at my table on August 29, 2007.
Surfing the Web

This my Dallas Cowboys Jersey. It was a gift that led to a bet. Taken on September 13th, 2007. I am to fit into it more comfortably within 3 months.
Fat man in a Deion Sanders Cowboys Jersey

This is me on 9/28/07. Flexing after a tough workout. At the time of this photo I weighed 324 lbs.
Sweaty and flexing after a hard workout session.


Taken on 10/01/07 with a weight of 320 lbs. So far I have lost 20 lbs at this point. Awesome!

Sweating and standing still
Some face close ups taken. The “Yesterday” shot is from 10/02/07. 20 lbs lost at that point.
Did I lose weight in my face?
The following were taken as part of my monthly weight loss photos on 10/05/07 at 320 lbs.
Weight Loss Photo
Weight Loss Photo 2
Weight Loss Photo 3
Weight Loss Photo 4
Weight Loss Photo 5
Weight Loss Photo 6This is me on my recumbent bike on 10/05/07.
Recumbent Bike Training HIITMy first day of focusing on multi-joint (compound) exercises. The date is 10/18/07 and I weigh 315 lbs at this point.
Day 1 of Multi-Joint Exercise, Sweaty and Feeling the Burn
Dumbbell Rows with 50 pounds for day one of Multi-joint exerciseThese are pictures from me at 260 lbs, back from January 2005.
Before Fat Pictures from 2005 at 260 lbs Side view
Before Fat Pictures from 2005 at 260 lbs Front view
Before Fat Pictures from 2005 at 260 lbs Front view second shot

These are photos taken during and after my emergency appendectomy on Sunday, 11/25/07.

Ruptured Appendix Recovery
Ruptured Appendix Getting Better in bed
Ruptured Appendix day 3

This is me at 302.3 lbs, my lowest weight in a very long time. From this point on, every weigh-in will be a new milestone.

Front Shot at 302.3 lbs
Front shot double bicep at 302.3 lbs
Back shot at 302.3 lbs
back shot flex at 302.3 lbs

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  1. kumailNo Gravatar says:

    where the hell did ur strech mark disappear. plz share

  2. VladNo Gravatar says:

    That`s a good question. Where the hell are those strechmarks. I have the same problem so tell us your secret :))

  3. Mister XNo Gravatar says:

    Great Job, Dude. Keep going.

  4. ChuckNo Gravatar says:

    I’m a 29 year old military man and at one point abiout 2 years ago I was about 210 lbs. my emotions and the reserves told me I was getting too fat. Its really easy to get complacent and start to lose track of the goal of looking better, feeling better and over all improving your health. I’m about 185 now and I plan to get to about 180 and keep it down to there.

    But I found your site as well be cause I have very unsightly stretch marks around my groin area and few elsewhere. The only way I can explain it is as if i was cut with a knife and just allowed it to heal with out getting stitches. I certainly feel your pain. I have had them for around 4 years now and I was under the impression that they would just go away. This has not been the case.

    I just wanted to tell you that I like what your doing and I hope it continues to go well.

  5. CL293No Gravatar says:

    Wow good job on the last set of photos! You definitely looked lean instead of overweight by then!

  6. DianaNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome job on your weight loss.I could not find your final or latest pics, depending on where your at with your weight loss.

  7. NaynaNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, I wanted you to know that your story has inspired me and you’re looking great. Keep up the good work..can’t wait to see the end result!! I myself am on a weight loss mission and it’s stories like yours that keep me motivated!

  8. Big Trev of the 757No Gravatar says:

    OK. now im motivated!

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