The Evolution – Pictures of the Metamorphosis

This section is where I will be periodically posting all of the pictures that I take throughout the process of me losing the weight. Check back here often for visual updates on my healthy weight loss progress. I will attempt to take new pictures every week monthly.

Me at Day 1. Scroll down for the progression…

Before Picture 3

Second Shots on Day 8.

Normal Front Shot


3rd Shots on 6/10/2007

2 weeks later

2 weeks later

2 weeks later back

2 weeks later side shot

2 weeks later

2 weeks later

This is a pic from July. I had lost a few pounds.
Mr. Bundles T SHIRT

A shot of me sitting at my table on August 29, 2007.
Surfing the Web

This my Dallas Cowboys Jersey. It was a gift that led to a bet. Taken on September 13th, 2007. I am to fit into it more comfortably within 3 months.
Fat man in a Deion Sanders Cowboys Jersey

This is me on 9/28/07. Flexing after a tough workout. At the time of this photo I weighed 324 lbs.
Sweaty and flexing after a hard workout session.


Taken on 10/01/07 with a weight of 320 lbs. So far I have lost 20 lbs at this point. Awesome!

Sweating and standing still
Some face close ups taken. The “Yesterday” shot is from 10/02/07. 20 lbs lost at that point.
Did I lose weight in my face?
The following were taken as part of my monthly weight loss photos on 10/05/07 at 320 lbs.
Weight Loss Photo
Weight Loss Photo 2
Weight Loss Photo 3
Weight Loss Photo 4
Weight Loss Photo 5
Weight Loss Photo 6This is me on my recumbent bike on 10/05/07.
Recumbent Bike Training HIITMy first day of focusing on multi-joint (compound) exercises. The date is 10/18/07 and I weigh 315 lbs at this point.
Day 1 of Multi-Joint Exercise, Sweaty and Feeling the Burn
Dumbbell Rows with 50 pounds for day one of Multi-joint exerciseThese are pictures from me at 260 lbs, back from January 2005.
Before Fat Pictures from 2005 at 260 lbs Side view
Before Fat Pictures from 2005 at 260 lbs Front view
Before Fat Pictures from 2005 at 260 lbs Front view second shot

These are photos taken during and after my emergency appendectomy on Sunday, 11/25/07.

Ruptured Appendix Recovery
Ruptured Appendix Getting Better in bed
Ruptured Appendix day 3

This is me at 302.3 lbs, my lowest weight in a very long time. From this point on, every weigh-in will be a new milestone.

Front Shot at 302.3 lbs
Front shot double bicep at 302.3 lbs
Back shot at 302.3 lbs
back shot flex at 302.3 lbs

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My name is Israel Lagares. I used to be the kind of guy that was always in shape, but over the last few years I've fallen off tremendously. This site is my final attempt to get back into shape. So far I've lost 70.4 lbs. Check out my weight loss chart, weight loss videos and progress pics. Follow my journey, those of others, and read our thoughts on various health topics. Share your thoughts, experience, and journey here on FMU.

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  1. catherineNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Israel,
    First and foremost, I want to tell you that you are doing a kick ass job, and that I think that creating this blog was and awesome idea. I’m sure you know that you are helping a lot of people just by sharing your experience. I wanted to know, if you had some kind of epiphany that made you really consider how seriously you were going to take your attempt at weight loss? I mean, you said that “This is my final attempt to get back into shape and get to where I once was” , so i guess my question is, why did the other attempts fail, and this one seems to be working? What was the catalyst in your quest for a different future? I’m curious because your story and body type (in fitness and in fat) is very similar to someone I know.

    Thanks a lot, and remember “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -edison

  2. David LNo Gravatar says:

    Oh man i thought this was a blog community website to join of sorts.Cause i was looking for the join link,but no where in sight.I thought this site is cool,i never stumbled onto something like it.I am also overweight and been this way since i was about 8/10.Have lost weight numerous time sand gained it all back.Im 19 now,and seriously tired of failing one of my longest and most desired goals in life,to lose a considerable amount of weight to the point where its healthy and keep it off for all times.I was gonna join and do a blog and picture thing here,i thought that it wud be cool,and ind of an inspiration especially to here kind words and motivation.Sure i cud here that from ppl around me,who arent my family,but i a bit shy and strangely embarrassed to reveal to others that im tying to lose weight.but with ppl online that i dont know fave to face,its better i think.I know u can create ur own blog,but that might mean a lot of ppl who are not interested in weight lost,may view it and put unkind words.Plus i ponder how tedious it may be,to start a blog from scratch.thats why i thought ur site was a mini simplistic blog of sorts with like a profile.Well man just felt like sharing my thoughts here,ad wish u the best,i sincerely do.GOD knows ive been unhappy,timid and missed out on a whole lot of things because of my obesity and numerous stretch marks.

  3. BrandonNo Gravatar says:

    Great job. Let’s see those pics from 2008! You got to be accountable to your audience!

    I just lost 50 lbs myself! So we share the same dreams and visions. Hang in there!

  4. JuliaNo Gravatar says:

    Hey! You are amzing for doing this! Keep up the good work! Good luck with everything!!

  5. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Great job man. It’s always, always cool to see somebody achieve their weight loss goals through hard work and effort.

  6. Ryan M HallNo Gravatar says:

    Hey! Great Job making a plan and sticking to it, that is half the battle. Krillz advice is very good too. I focused on weight lifting to build lean muscle when I went through my personal weight transformation. This was partially because I HATE the gym, and partially because running hurt my knees so badly. Keep up the good work, looking forward to hearing more.


  7. Yeah! You are doing fantastically. I wish I could get motivated enough to do what you are doing, I really need to do something soon, or I might never change.

    Great blog man.

  8. ScottNo Gravatar says:

    Man, I like seeing you in that Cowboys jersey up there…I’m kinda in the same boat as you…I have a couple of jerseys that don’t fit very well anymore…I need to do something before the season starts back up!

    Congrats and keep up the good work!

  9. ElliottNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Israel, you have made some amazing progress and you seem to be doing all the right things, I weighed 220 pounds due to medial ligament damage to my r knee and a couple of issues with my vertebrae due to contact sport so was unable to train for a good year and due to bad diet and inactivity i ballooned quickly with all the side effects of stretch marks and lethargy so once all those issues with my knee and back had been sorted, i decided to loose the fat and over a period of a year got my weight down to 180 pounds, it has been a tough process but well worth it, i am now a pt by trade i would like to congradulte you not just on your weight loss but more so on your shape change as increasing your lean muscle mass will increase your metabolic rate increasing your bodies efficiency at burning fat. S o congradulations and keep it up!

  10. RuachNo Gravatar says:

    You were one of the things that actually got me started on this kick. I weigh 284.2 lb right now, my lowest in nearly a decade. I’m 20 now and am fitting in to cloths I wore in elementary school. I started out last august at about 350 lb. Seeing pictures of you at 260 is also giving me a bit of a boost, you didn’t look too bad then. I just wanted to say good luck. You’re trying to change yourself for the better, and well the only two groups of people it’s still p.c. to make fun of are gays and fat people so it doesn’t make it too easy. I’m not usually a “cheer people on” kind of person but in this case I really do wish you the best.

  11. SuplementosNo Gravatar says:

    Go dude I’m with you !!! (sorry for the link/name/dofollow thing), but really, I am, I own a Portuguese Sports Supplements store and I love to see people with the will power and determination that you have, I hope you go much further !

    You should be taking CLA and L-Carnitine to, and IMO the best fatburner is Lipo 6x.

    Keep me updated, why don’t you send me an email, maybe you have yahoo or aim or windows live messenger, would love to talk more to you,

    I’m also trying to get in shape currently, so we could always discuss some ideias,


  12. dugNo Gravatar says:

    that is awesome progress izzy. i dropped 61 lbs and have kept them off over the past 12 months myself.

  13. ShaneNo Gravatar says:

    Hey man, I couldnt sleep because I am fed up with being lazy and fat. I have always been a larger guy, but I was healthy and exercised all the time so I was in shape. I am te heaviest I have ever been 310 pounds and I get depressed thinking of how I feel. I have been on a journey like you are on but it was several years ago, and I was at like 240 lbs and it was because I was eating healthy, and exercising and drinking water everyday. So I guess I am saying that seeing this website and seeing you struggle is good for me because it makes me want to struggle again. Thanks man… I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


  14. macNo Gravatar says:

    I just want to great job Israel. I also want to ask you what did you do to lose the fat. I have been just walking 2 to 3 miles everyday for two months now and i still have really lost any fat what did you do.

    • I’m still very far away from my goals but thanks. I walk, bike, and sprint. I also do resistance training. Your walking 3 miles a day is okay, but I would incorporate some kind of resistance training. Try lifting weights or doing body weight exercises like pushups, assisted chin ups, etc. You need to work your muscles…the large ones, not your arms and calves.

      • LosingWeightNo Gravatar says:

        Watch your calorie intake as well. It seems that a lowered caloric intake combined with exercise is the best solution there is. I consume anywhere from 1000 – 1200 calories/day (in three meals) and walk 2 – 3 miles/day, 5 days a week and I’ve dropped almost 20 lbs. in one month. I started at 373, and down to 356 when I weighed myself a couple days ago. Best of luck, and thanks for sharing everything Israel!

  15. RachaelNo Gravatar says:

    I’m 5’3′, 105lbs and yea by all means stay healthy. But chubby guys are sexy, even to some petite girls like me. Way hotter back when you were big. 😉

  16. PascalNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Israel ,
    first of all , congratulation for your weight loss , I’m also fighting against a few extra pounds , what has worked better for me is drinking green tea 30 minutes to 1 hour before HIIT , and also before weight lifting. After lunch also (like 5 or ten minutes)and between meals , I take like 4-5 cups a day even on my rest days .It’s the best natural fat burner and booster I know .

  17. CynthiaNo Gravatar says:

    wow just found your blog! You are very inspirational.

  18. AnggaRifandiNo Gravatar says:

    Those photos really inspiring me. I hope I can do the same thing

  19. CarolineNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Israel!

    Glad to find your blog.

    Congrats! You are doing so well.
    I just started a blog myself….still need to post the pics…, it takes guts (no pun intended) to get out there and actually publish the results….But, like yourself, I’m committed to the task and why not get a following for support, right?

    I’ll be watching!

  20. technoNo Gravatar says:

    hey i just wanted to say that this blog is very inspiring and it has helped me to get into the act of losing alot of weight. i’m 17 years old and i weigh 345 lbs! yeah i’m huge and have always been, also always been tall. i’m currently 6’4″. you have done a great job bro, hope i can follow in ur steps and be as succesful as you were.

  21. David WilliamsNo Gravatar says:

    i was wondering how did u get rid of the strch marks

  22. jasonNo Gravatar says:

    i am 250 5,10′ and 17 years old i have stretch marks. and i am worried that i am going to have hanging skin i what to have abs

  23. David WilliamsNo Gravatar says:

    are some fading away

  24. jasonNo Gravatar says:

    yes they are. i read that if you have stretch u will have extra skin

  25. Harminder ChaggerNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Israel,

    Just found your website today while looking for some help on slimming down and building muscle. It’s fantastic 😀 I’m currently a big guy at 239lbs with a fair bit of muscle but a lot more fat. I’m currently losing weight due to my active job and with your site I will be able to build and maintain muscle. Thanks for making this site and hats off to you for posting progress pics, theyre soo encouraging. I’ve ordered a T-shirt and can’t wait to wear it everywhere! I look forward to letting you know about my progress! 😀

  26. David WilliamsNo Gravatar says:

    Isreal have any of the stretch marks gone away

  27. MauriceNo Gravatar says:

    Israel I take my hat off to you. What you have going here is truly inspirational and informative. I admire and wish you all the best. Do you have like a mission or grand event to fulfil once you’ve achieved your weight goals or is it just one day at a time at the moment?

  28. shaunjudyNo Gravatar says:

    Great log of pictures man. I salute you to your well-being!

  29. JimNo Gravatar says:

    Great site man! I Will follow your progress, I’m on a similar journey as well.

  30. ElwoodNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, just wondering how tall you are, I am a similar weight and i’m 6′ 1″ and I have terrible stretch marks too, I agree it is the worst part of the fatness, a lasting reminder of how disgusting I was. My wife used cocoa butter during and after pregnancy and it has really worked, it is a very immasculating thing to do but i think it might be the way forward, Congratulations on your work, keep it up.

  31. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    WONDERFUL! You are very inspirational, you look fantastic!

  32. LexNo Gravatar says:

    Not only am I impressed with your progression, i’m impressed that you would go out of your way to blog it. There’s only a handful of people in the world who would put themselves in your position. . . you should feel very proud. Honestly bro, don’t worry about the stretch marks. I was about 5’5 250 when i started highschool, i wasn’t going to have that so I started hitting the gym and by the time i finished highschool i was about 190 lbs. I’ve had the stretch marks on my arms for many years, but in the past couple years, i’ve gotten them on my stomach, chest, arms(more), and in recent months i’ve gotten them on my back and lats. In fact i have yet to find pictures on the internet, or anywhere of anyone who has as many as I do. They suck, but over time they fade, they don’t really look any better to me but are less noticable. Anyways, keep up the good work!

  33. RobertNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Israel,

    This blog is awesome, a true inspiration. Great job. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar so I did some searching today and found you. I’m 48, 6-2 and 350. I played hoops in college at 190. No doubt the weight has a terrible impact on me in many different ways, both physically and psychologically. Thanks for this site. I’ll keep you posted if I get a site up, and I’ll be following your journey regulary going forward.

    Thanks for the great effort you’ve put into this.

  34. Brian AngeloNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations on the progress bro. Now I’m inspired to do diet and exercise, because I see the result in you! Btw I’m 17 years old and 270 pounds. I will try your methods in losing weight. Wish me luck! and I wish you all best bro.

  35. Brian AngeloNo Gravatar says:

    BTW Israel. This site is very good. You had helped many people by teaching your methods to them, and showing them the result. I never thought of a site like this exist, seriously, because I never thought of searching the net for tips, until i get one link to this site from Yahoo, then i watched videos, read some tips and I got impressed on your methods and the results. You are a inspiration to us. And I will start doing your methods. And again I wish you all best, and God Bless.

  36. MikeNo Gravatar says:

    good for you bro… i’m also on my way to losing weight… you’re a great inspiration to many out there… keep up the hard work bro… best of luck

  37. VinceNo Gravatar says:

    Great job…!! I hope you continue with your success.

  38. RodneyNo Gravatar says:

    nice work man. i started at 330 and now at 317. my goal is 220. im always goin up and down no matter how much i exercise or control my actually very muscular under my layer of fat. i used to work out and was in really good shape and my job of driving for 7 years rapidly put weight on. ive been working out for months and building muscle, but i stopped due to the fact i cant tell how much fat im loseing because im gaining muscle weight.its really disapointing doin all this work and the scales hardly change.lose 3 lbs of fat and gain 3 lbs of muscle.which is a good thing, but its hard to make myself believe it when the goal is to lose weight.anyway,great work on the weight loss man, very good job.and thanks for shareing those pics. they help motivate me because i see somebody that was my size can do it.

  39. RobNo Gravatar says:

    What are you trying to get down too? With your jersey on you looked like you played offensive lineman for the Cowboys (coming from me that’s a compliment…please take it as such). I’m trying to build up to that size (not 340, I’m ony 5’10). But maybe a good 270 or 280. Every person has their own goals and I’m glad to see you achieving yours. You’re an inspiration to a lot of people on this website, even to me. Again keep it up and congratulations.

  40. NickNo Gravatar says:

    I have to say mate..well done! congratulations with the losses and keep on going! Very inspiratoinal to see the stages and i hope you get where you wanna be 🙂

  41. JacquesNo Gravatar says:

    Making smoothies a part of your daily habit is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself in shape. Smoothies are not only delicious and easy to prepare, they can also be very healthy and good for you. It’s one of the best ways to meet our daily recommended allowance of 5 fruits a day. And for people who are not too keen on eating vegetables, smoothies can be a way to get your fill of fiber from the greens without the leafy aftertaste.

  42. LindaNo Gravatar says:

    THANKS for the inspiration What’s your favorite low calorie recipe. I eat a lot of popcorn with butter spray. When I started I weighted 237. I am now 186 with much more to go. I am 4’11”.

  43. BetsiNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for your pictures. It has helped me alot. Your blog page helps me stay focused. So thank you grealty.

  44. Mary PriceNo Gravatar says:

    You made great progress a few years ago Israel. I’m curious how you are doing now.

  45. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, you look a lot better! Keep it up, it’s hard but it’s worth it.

  46. BenNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Israel,
    im 17 and from the united kingdom. Ive been searching the web for weeks trying to find the answer or some kind of belonging. Im very fat and have serious stretch marks on my stomach and i feel i can relae to you when you talk about not looking in the mirror and self confidence. I would say im still in that void and getting myself oout. Anywho im writing here in a way to say thank you for the inspiration, its not often you find people who are willing to let you into their life for the benefit of others and youve made me realise more than anything that my goals and aims im setting myself for weight loss are achieveable.
    Cheers once again

  47. DebNo Gravatar says:

    What an inspiration. I started my journey in April of this year. So far I have lost 40 pounds. I need to start taking photos, just to remind myself of where I was and where I never want to be again. I never realized how much denial I lived with every day. When I started losing the weight I didn’t realize it either until my pants almost fell off. I have cleaned my closet of my size 20/22 tops and pants and replaced my size 2xl, xl uniforms with large, and it feels so good. I get compliments everyday and coworkers tell me I am an inspiration to them. As I continue to reach my goal weight of 140 pounds my concern is how am I going to keep it off, for I have dieted all my life but I have never been this successful.

  48. JustinNo Gravatar says:

    The amount of weight you lost is truly inspirational. Hope you’re still doing well and hanging in there.

  49. hectorNo Gravatar says:

    hey nice job on the weight lost, but how did u get rid of ur stretch marks?

  50. Great progress! Apparently you are one of the ones that really get the weight loss process. Nothing happens overnight and without hardwork. You have been at this since 2005 and where most would have giving up you continue. That’s just wonderful and its great to seen actual progress from a guys perspective. Usually its women losing the weight and showing the photos.

    Excellent site! Hows Tampa and the Burg? I lived in both Clearwater (Feathersound Community) and Tampa (USF).

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