The Fiji Bottled Water Taste Test

I finally decided to record a live taste testing of the much acclaimed Fiji bottled water brand. Before this water tasting, I have never tasted Fiji water. I still think that Fiji bottled water is extremely over priced. It’s all recorded for your viewing pleasure, plus my verdict. Watch the video below. Enjoy.

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  1. KimberlyNo Gravatar says:

    Is, you are SOOOOO funny doing your Fiji water test in a Corona shirt! LMAO!!! ;p

    How outstanding that you were open to check this out for yourself. And brave too. When I did my taste test I just bought one large bottle.

    Did it taste different? Well, not really. But I did find that chilling it real good did make it taste better than just at room temp. In our house we drink Deer Park. We have to buy 2 24 packs a week because we will not drink tap. Not even our cats get tap. But I love my kitties. XOXO

    It’s sort of a personal challenge for use to find a case of the water under $5. Last time it was on sale at Target we bought 6 cases. Not the way my DH likes to do it but I said it’s not going to spoil and we are going to use it anyway. Of course, I won. 😀

    My verdict with Fiji–maybe nice as a treat but no biggie.
    I believe the goal should be drink lots of clean water regardless of the popularity.

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      Kimberly, good point on drinking lots of clean water. There is a video I will be putting up that I found about tap water versus bottled water.

    • DemianNo Gravatar says:

      When I was buying bottled water, I bought it at Costco. Here in Tampa Bay, Florida bottled water tends to run around $5 for a case of 24 .5L bottles at the supermarket. At costco it runs around $4.50 for a case of 35 of the same name brand, or around $3.50 for a case of 35 of the generic store brand.

      However, I stopped buying bottled water over a year ago. I purchased an insulated 18oz stainless steel water bottled for about $15 and a 2 Gallon britta filter w/ 3 replacements filters for about $30. For about $45 I was able to get a year’s supply of clean, cold, filtered water without wasting hundreds of bottles worth of plastic!

      So if you are still buying bottled and have a Costco nearby, look into a membership. Between water and gas savings I more than paid for my membership. But consider filtered water & your own water bottle too!

  2. NicoNo Gravatar says:

    Nearly all the water is the same. Many water companies fill their bottles with tapwater. There’s no difference! The water packaging costs a lot more than the water itself, so the food industry is just profiting big time from bottled water sales.

    Now if these companies can make people believe their brand has special volcanic minerals making their water worth 7$ for a 6 pack… then they’ll gladly take our money for something that actually costs only a few cents.

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      Yep, now the bottled water companies are labeling the bottled as “Municipal Water” or something to that effect. It’s just bottled up tap water. I come from NYC which has some of the best tap water in the country.

  3. JayNo Gravatar says:

    Hope your enjoying the plastic in your water too….
    Antimony mmm mmmm good….

  4. BennyNo Gravatar says:

    haha, I actually thought that Fiji water would taste different from all the other waters. Well, I guess not, thanks for letting me know!

  5. JayNo Gravatar says:

    You know that many people in Fiji dont have access to clean water? I thinks immoral to drink water from Fiji while they dont have access to it….It also pollutes the environment to ship this water all that way ..Its stupid!

  6. fimoNo Gravatar says:

    hi there~
    you are really experts in this field.keep it up and all the best 🙂

  7. adamNo Gravatar says:

    The reason I buy Fiji water is because of the bottle they come in. It is the most sturdy bottle I have found and are easily washed and refilled without getting dents and wrinkles in the bottle.

  8. CesarNo Gravatar says:

    It does taste different. I don’t mean to be a snob, but if you think Fiji Water tastes the same as Dasani or Aquafina, ouch. Also, you can tell by how you put so much into your mouth at once that you’re not properly tasting it anyway. Also, the water should be chilled to the appropriate temperature for accurate comparison.

    I’m not a big fan of the economic or environmental effects of bottled water, especially Fiji, but I know good taste when I find it. Fiji is the best non-sparkling water I’ve tasted to date, but I can’t say I’ve tasted Voss or Tasmanian Rain, other highly acclaimed varieties.

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      Well, I guess I don’t have the pallet you do. LOL. Who cares how good water tastes? Really. Who? Water is water man. Leave the “tasting” snobiness for wine. Water is water. Period.

      • Jason PerangoNo Gravatar says:

        Why don’t you label the video as a statement of your opinion that all bottled water is the same then? Why even waste time doing / making people watch a review by someone who has preconceived opinions that there already is no difference between the things you’re going to compare? Fat man likes to talk.

  9. Jess the Dogs MomNo Gravatar says:

    I heard for a while that Fiji water helps with weight loss. I never wanted to spend a lot of money for water, no matter if the air has touched it or not. Before seeing your blog, eariler today I finally broke down and spent $1.79 on a small bottle of Fiji. I laughed when I saw you smell it – I did the same thing. Who knows why? Anyway, I have to agree with you. It is nice bottled water at a nice price. I will always choose bottled water over tap water though. I don’t know about your water, but here it’s really gross. So, thanks for the laugh and being honest.

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the laugh, that’s what life is all about. I guess I smelled it because it is untouched by man and for some reason I figured opening it to open air for the very first time would release some special type of one-time amazing smell. Guess not, huh?

      I still have one bottle that I am saving forever, or until I need to drink it because all the water in the world is gone, or sell it because water will be so rare…

      Who knows?

  10. AdrianNo Gravatar says:

    AY CUZ!!!!!! Your pretty dope wit cho water tests. I agree. But u said DASANI tastes the same and DASANI BLOWS it tastes weird. I say, ARROWHEAD is the shit. It costs like 4-5-6 dollas to buy a 24 pack at safeway. We put em in the Fridge and they’re cool. Probably tastes like Fiji. That Fiji shits pretty clean… but its not special or nothing just like Arrowhead, its not special but its clean and tastes pure to me. I tried drinking Tap water after a workout and It was horrible. I feel like u ma nigga jus by watchin taht vid Ima hit u up soon, or when u get this hit me back.
    Adrian (Age-ren)

  11. Ben AutryNo Gravatar says:

    fiji water has no different taste its just overpriced and it says its from an island of fiji dont believe it but of course all the young people drink it

    • RachelNo Gravatar says:

      OF COURSE it’s from Fiji. A crap ton of people in that place work for the company – the water is from where it says it’s from.

      As far as tastes go, Aquafina and Dasani tastes like shit to me. My boyfriend thinks all water pretty much tastes the same (except for our tap water – which is extremely gross, smelly, and leaves that white stain on dishes).

      Folks, it’s not about the packaging. Water is clearly important for our bodies, and you need to buy which ever water tastes good for you to drink it. I have to buy a certain brand of water or I don’t drink water at all.

      Not everyone has the same tastes (though comparing it to Aquafina and Dasani truly boggles my mind).

      • SlazzerNo Gravatar says:

        I’ve tried many many brands and types of bottled water. To compare spring water to purified water just shows how lame peeps can be. Purified water still contains the nasty aftertaste that all city tap water has. Spring water also has an aftertaste that is defined by where it is harvested from. My take on any taste test…. To each their own since everybody has what they like and dislike about everything. Ever heard of the story about the man, boy, and donkey who tried to please everybody they met while traveling to town? In the process of pleasing others, they forgot to do what pleases themselves and in the end, the donkey dies. IMHO! Drink whatever you like and let others drink what they like and stop trying to control others……






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