The Ultimate Laptop Workout

So you make money with your laptop, right? Cool, the handy slim, rectangular circuit box puts bread on the table. It also keeps you in contact with love ones, that’s an enriching component to its repertoire. It may even get you laid, thank God for Craig’s List…you know what I’m talking about horn dogs. But does your prissy laptop make you sweat and improve your heart’s health? Does it give your muscles a burn? If not it’s because you’re not utilizing it right.

The average laptop weighs about 7 pounds, some of the larger HP entertainment versions can tip the scales at around 12 pounds. This weight combined with the normal tension you will feel from not wanting to drop your holy money maker, doohickey will create an awesome workout apparatus.

So first and foremost unplug your laptops geniuses, we don’t want any accidents.


  1. Stand with your laptop in your hands perpendicular to the floor. Extend your arms out and twist to the right hold it, bring it back to the center pause and then hit the left and hold it, get a good stretch. Concentrate and take these slow. Do 20 reps. Next keep the laptop in the same position but now press it against your belly. Perform the same twist but now add a squat when you arrive at center, perform 20 reps. Following that resume the extended position with the laptop and perform 15 more twisting squats.
  2. Next hit the floor, do not let the laptop hit floor! Lay down on the floor and hold the laptop in your hands with your palms facing each other. Press your laptop for 55 reps. Feel the burn your laptop can inflict!
  3. Now get a pillow. No you’re not going to take your laptop- human relationship to the “next level” you freak. Set the pillow on the floor above your head, it will serve as a cushion so you don’t bang up the precious laptop. Your starting position is at your belly button and simply stretch with the laptop with your arms extended and reach backwards tapping the pillow. Perform this movement for 30 reps and then immediately do 15 reps but when you reach your chest perform 5 rapid presses.
  4. The next move requires you to sit, so get comfy. Simply take your laptop above your head with arms fully extended and then lower the laptop behind your neck and bring back up to the start position. Perform 100 reps. After that press the laptop off your chest for 35 reps.
  5. Now that you have bonded with the laptop and have earned the trust of the television, keyboard thingy take it to the next level. Perform lunges with the laptop pressed against your chest. Do these lunges slowly and carefully with focus to create optimal tension. Perform 20 laptop lunges for each leg.

Hope you enjoyed the workout, take care to all, and get active no matter what!

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  1. I’m gonna be so in shape after this one 🙂

  2. AliceSighedNo Gravatar says:

    What I need is to take this a step further – exercise while the laptop’s running… as in, “do this, then read one more email”. Why? I somehow always make the 20-30 minutes in the morning available to read email and do a few short replies, but I can’t possibly fit in 20-30 minutes of exercise!

    Could do some of the arm work and lunges with laptop open, if I could stabilize the open screen… what else, what else?

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