Are You a Real Man? If so, read Trend Spike

Trend Spike is a new blog that recently launched which is targeted towards men and only men (unless you ladies want to get to know your men better). It is multi-topic and focuses on the 3 things men love the most: sex, sports, and technology (in no particular order 😉 ).

The man behind this testosterone-filled blog is Jason, your average 25 year old Texan. He reveals he is looking to change his career recently and he might become a fireman, but for now he’s searching for online success and says blogging and marketing is his new hobby, even an addiction. And no ladies, he’s married, so you missed out there.

Although Trend Spike is a fairly new blog, it is off to a pretty good start. The front page is filled with great content for you to check out. The site also has a really cool logo which is nice and caught me and made me interested in learning more about the blog. The following are a few posts that we here at FMU thought you, the readers might like.

Undress to Impress

At first I thought, “Wait! Aren’t you supposed to dress to impress?” Apparently not. In this article, Jason explains how to properly undress yourself and your partner in order to ‘impress’ her. Pretty simple, but I guess if you want to gain that extra edge and make your lady happy, you need to know these things so you don’t act too eager or nervous.

14 Reasons Why Being Single On Valentine’s Day Shouldn’t Get You Down


I don’t know about you, but being single on big, bad Valentine’s Day always manages to get me a little unhappy. However, Jason manages to cheer me up a little by offering me a few of the perks of being single. I especially found numbers 7 and 14 useful :-).

A World Full of Hercules’, DJ Qualls, and Fat Bastards

If you have been living under a rock the past 10 or so years, this title might confuse you. Basically the world is full of muscular, skinny, and Israels :-). This article however, isn’t there to make fun of you for being a stereotypical overweight or underweight male, it is a great resource for discovering which body type you are and how to properly correct your mistakes in order to change your physique for the better through diet, fitness, etc.

5 Supplements Closer to Becoming the Alpha Male

This article’s title is a little misleading. While it does discuss supplements and how to utilize them for proper muscle growth, it also talks about how to properly eat and what you need (other than pills and powders) in order to get pumped, lose weight, and become overall healthy.

Like I said before, Trend Spike is off to a great start in the blogosphere and FMU will keep a close eye on them. Overall, it’s looking to be a good resource for all males of all body types and we hope you’ll check them out and subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up to date.

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  1. Hey dude! Just dropped by from ZenHabits. Nice blog!

  2. JasonNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the great review! By the way, I’m not married just yet 🙂

  3. KimberlyNo Gravatar says:

    You guys are oozing with the testosterone 😀
    Sounds like a great blog for you big he-men.
    Jason, much success with your blog.

  4. carlaNo Gravatar says:

    what does it say that I LOVE this site?!
    though I also adore Details GQ Mens Journal etc. (the womens mags? not so much)

    happy monday.


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