TV is Good, So Shut Up and Watch It

Now that Thanksgiving is over I can move on with my life. lol. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I only scarfed down two servings and called it a night. Its been a while. Now I can focus on my diet and weight loss again.

In today’s Fatso Friday installment I am going to be tackling television. I am sick and tired of reading about how folks hate television and think that it’s detrimental for you. Shut up! Television is good for you. There are tons of good channels to watch: History Channel, Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, E!, and the list goes on. Now don’t get me wrong, some shows just plain suck. I don’t go round watching a bunch of crappy television shows that are a waste of time. The whole writers strike thing is a good thing. I think some of them need to get canned. There are some shows that have no business getting passed a pilot, let alone aired. Maybe this will up the quality of some of the shows.

I also think you should exercise balance when it comes to watching TV. Making sure to get out and get some fresh air is vital. Spending all of your spare time watching TV isn’t a good thing. I find that TV and movies help with my creativity. Some of the things I see on TV nowadays are simply mesmerizing. I always wonder what old timers, that are used to seeing black and white television, must be thinking about all the colors! I also learn from what I watch.


I actually find it difficult to find the time to watch TV during the day. Most of the time I catch snippets of ESPN 2, ESPN News, ESPN’s SportsCenter, or NFL network. That’s the only time that I actually sit in front of the TV during the day. I get most of my world and local news from the web. I usually record shows on my DVR (a digital video recorder similar to TiVO) to then watch it later, sometimes months later, when I find some extra time or when I am on my recumbent bike. I’m also a big movie fan. I watch movies regularly. I rent them and go see them when they are released in theaters. I actually just got my latest BlockBuster Video DVD in the mail this afternoon.

My point is that TV isn’t bad. I am a proponent of “everything is good in moderation.” Well, at least most things are. A little television watching is fine, but you should also incorporate reading, board games, and outdoor activities. So to all of you out there that are anti-TV, shut up and watch a good show.

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  1. Tv is good. FitTV is a great channel if you are not sure where to flip to first. Always motivational. Personally the dvr is full all the time so there is never nothing to watch. Also basketball and football, never boring. Oh, and in case you were wondering you can get off the couch and do the excersices they do on FitTV (trust me, I tried it and it works)… Tv can be very motivational, it is what you watch. Don’t hate the medium, hate the individual shows.

  2. Lady RoseNo Gravatar says:

    I managed to survive Thanksgiving – just turkey and green beans. Focused on enjoying the beach house we rented for five days and being with the family (all 14 of them who joined us for the meal and an overnight at the beach house).

    I’m a total TV addict – I just need to use my exercise stationary bike more while watching it!

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