Sony W Series Walkman Wireless MP3 Player Review

Sony W Series Walkman NWZ-W252BLK

This is going to be a simple, straight forward review of the Sony W Series Walkman MP3. Let me start off by saying that I own an 80 GB Ipod. Working out with that thing is a pain in the butt. Having to continuously make sure it’s secure in my pocket or that the wires aren’t tangled can get old, fast. This wireless MP3 player is the best MP3 player I’ve ever used for working out. Period.

MSRP Price: $59.95, Wireless, 2 GB, Water-resistant, Quick-charging, Light-weight. Colors: Black or Pink, Model Number: NWZ-W252BLK

I could easily end my review right there, but I won’t.

Okay, so let’s start. I’m not the kind of person that reads instruction manuals so I bypassed all of that. It is included in the packaging if that’s your thing, though. Included in the package is the MP3 player, USB wire, extra earbuds, a plastic clip for storing, and the usual paperwork that accompanies electronics of this sort.

So I open this thing and am just looking at it in amazement. It’s a pretty. I almost wanted to put it on a mantle and admire it’s design. Very elegant and slick. Reminds me of something a secret agent the caliber of James Bond would wear during a workout or special ops training session. I read the back cover of the package and it says something about easy music transferring. That’s music to my ears, pun intended, since I do not like reading instructions. So I plug the USB wire into the Walkman and into my computer. As soon as my computer picked up the new device I simply transferred over some music files by dragging and dropping them into the Walkman’s folder. Simple. It was almost too easy. So within 5 minutes of opening the package I had music on my new wireless Walkman that was charged up and ready to go within that time.


After transferring the files I immediately unplugged it and put it on. The earbuds fit comfortably inside my ears. It was a good fit. The entire MP3 player sits comfortably around the back of your neck too. I walked around and then shook my head violently but the device did not fall off. So it’s perfect for working out whether you are jogging, sprinting, lifting weights or just taking a leisurely stroll. The fact that it’s wireless makes it one of the best workout MP3 players I’ve ever come across.

The controls are super simple. You can adjust the volume and change tracks with the easy push of a button located on one of the ear pieces. There’s a pause, shuffle, and Zappin feature as well. The sound quality is top notch. You can also transfer music from your Itunes library. The USB doubles as a charger for the device. There is an indicator light that lets you know if your battery is low. All this is covered in the instruction manual, but I figured I’d let you know.

Sony W Series Walkman NWZ-W252BLK

I find myself wearing this even when I’m not working out. Is that weird? I hope not. I think I look like a secret agent when I’m wearing it. Either that or a complete dummy. Did I mention it’s water-resistant? How cool is that? Its especially cool for us profuse perspirers and those that workout rain, snow, sleet or hail. When you aren’t wearing it you can just connect the magnetic ends and it forms a cool heart shape. Pairing the magnetic ends also shuts off the MP3 player for battery saving. Pretty slick.

And last but not least, it’s heart shaped when not in use. You just gotta love it (conscientiously or sub-conscientiously)!

You can pick up the Sony W Series Walkman MP3 Player at Sony Style, Sony Style retail stores, and other authorized retailers nationwide.

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  1. suzanneNo Gravatar says:

    They do look sweet!!

    I’ll have to look around and see if i can find them here in Canada.

    Good review

  2. fajarNo Gravatar says:

    great gadget. i Like it .. nice info

  3. Looks cool! Wished it held more than 2gb. I listen to mine when I am not working out too. It’s great for inspirational audio books!

  4. DarrenNo Gravatar says:

    I got to admit that the idea of no wires sounds amazing. I’ve been working out since the day you had to be using a Walkman, or even a CD player in order to listen to music while working out. Talk about bulky, too many wires, and a tangled mess!

    Wireless is definitely the way of the future. Although it doesn’t know that much, 2GB of music should be plenty enough room to get a full workout in. And without wires and the risk of getting tangled up, the workouts should be that much more efficient.

  5. LukeNo Gravatar says:

    This seems like pretty awesome toy and the price is good to when compared to an IPOD. With that size memory seems like you cant have more than your workout song lists.

  6. Frank C.No Gravatar says:

    Those look real hot!! and convenient too..

  7. SvetlanaNo Gravatar says:


    I bought one but I haven’t opened it yet. Is this Macbook compatible? I see a lot of websites that say it isn’t, but the Sony salesperson said that Sony finally made its equipment Mac compatible, but I’d confirmation.


  8. SophiaNo Gravatar says:

    Hey I like the all gadgets of Sony. I have seen this gadget and read its features and Also I had used it for a month. I find it very innovative and sounds good. This is pretty awesome and its good for those people who go for jogging and exercise at early morning. Great Sony.

  9. MONIKANo Gravatar says:

    I was pretty amused 2 c this producty on wed……… winters approaching fast and daily walk wud b on the list………

    Was apprehensive about its durability……. but i m just determined to purchase it this diwali after reading youyr blog L:)

    Thanx n happy diwali

  10. Ian HunterNo Gravatar says:

    Good review.

    Regarding spelling in the review: “it’s” means “it is” so it is correct to say “…mention it’s water-resistant?” but not correct to say “admiring it’s design.” The correct spelling would be “admiring its design.”

    “It’s” is a commonly misused word.


  11. franNo Gravatar says:

    Another great product from Sony. This should heat up the playstation wars.

  12. ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    ahhh! This is exactly the type of thing I’ve been looking for. I always used to train with my ipod but it’s recently died on me so have been looking around at wireless models.

    The 2gb is enough for me, I only have a small collection of songs and lovin the waterproof feature because I sweat LOADS in the gym. . . I know that sounds horrible but its a feature that will benefit.

    Thanks for the review!

  13. wahidNo Gravatar says:

    Look good , price is good compared with IPOD.

  14. AntonNo Gravatar says:

    Got this device a year ago, and it hasn’t failed me yet…until it was stolen a few days ago. Hopefully there’s an expanded memory now.

    Also when i purchased it, it wasn’t 59%, but 70$, however still compared to ipods its competetive. For myself, I was fed up with having to replace headphones, the wires would eventually disconnect and from my last mp3 player, I probably spent 30$ a year getting new ones. With this player, was still going strong with no problems. Will probably buy the same ones again :p

  15. jasonNo Gravatar says:

    Great Sound! But terrible for use with excersise. As soon as I started to sweat they popped right out, no matter what activity i am doing (running or weights) and I used all the different ear piece sizes as well. they need to re-tool this thing to more of a clip on and have a looser wire connecting the 2 ear pieces, as that hard wire actually assists in loosening of the ear piece. Going back to my old mp3 player with the “Beats” headphones…those are great! Hope somebody comes out with a wireless pair like those

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