Week 13, Lunch for the Whole Team on BistroMD


Bistro Taste testHello world! It’s your main man Frank C. with another exciting update on my mission with BistroMD. I have been fighting hard in this war, but I am not alone! I have my team out here with me. They have done such a great job on this mission to put a “Death to the Yo-Yo Life” and because of that BistroMD has decided to treat the whole team to a meal on them. What a great surprise that was!

BistroMD was happy to see that our group has been so successful and decided to reward them for all their hard work. When Rebecca Wells from BistroMD offered to give a free meal to each member of my group, I knew they would be excited! I have bragged so much about how great the food i, and it was hard for them to believe. So I decided to surprise them and let them taste test the meals for themselves.

So I got the whole group together for our regular scheduled workout and I showed up 30 minutes late just to make sure they were all there and inside. The men were watching the Bucs trying to make a comeback and the ladies were talking about whatever woman talk about. Next thing you know I walk in with a cooler full of food and they were shocked. They were all ready to workout but once they saw the food, the thought of exercising flew away. LOL.


Armando had the Ground Turkey Picadillo and he said, “It’s off the hook, very flavorful.” Melody had the Shrimp Burrito Bowl and she said, “It’s good, it has a real kick to it and I’m really enjoying it.” Jessica had the Chicken Burrito Bowl and she said, “It’s really good, the chicken is moist and tender, you can tell it’s fresh.” Matt had the Chicken Breast Stuffed with Wild Brown Rice and he said, “It’s real good so if you don’t mind I’m going to get back to eating.” Fred had the Rock Shrimp Primavera and he said, “The food is great, oh my goodness!” Jimmy had the Chicken Breast Stuffed with Spinach and Feta and he said, “I’m not much of a spinach eater, but this is delicious, tastes home made.” Brown had the Jerked Spiced Tilapia and he said, “It is phenomenal, it is good.” Lucy had the Turkey with Onion and Garlic Jam and she said, “I would have this anytime of the day.”

So there you have it people!! The food is great!! Thank you BistroMD for sending us all a meal for the day!! Everyone loved it!!

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