Week Four and Down Four More Pounds with BistroMD

jumping for joyWhat’s up people?! I hope you all are as hyped about life as I am right now! I feel like a new man already! I have managed to lose 15 pounds in the last four weeks, but most importantly, I feel energized! Look at all the exclamation points in my first paragraph, can’t you tell I’m excited?!?!?!?!?!

As the days go by things seem to be rolling more smoothly. I have been training myself to enjoy every moment, even the hard ones. I realized that every choice we make from the moment we rise to the moment we sleep determines the outcome of our lives. We have great dreams of what we’d like our lives to be like, and we find happiness in our thoughts of prosperity. However, when we think of the work it takes to bring those dreams to life, we suddenly find ourselves discouraged.


If we learn to enjoy each moment, even the most difficult ones, we can overcome any obstacle that we face. If we learn to enjoy the work that it takes to reach our dreams, I guarantee that soon they will no longer be dreams. What I have found to be challenging for me is starting and staying on a diet. In the past I would dread even the thought of dieting, but now that I use BistroMD I don’t even have to think about it. So it makes this whole journey much more enjoyable.

So I will continue on this path with BistroMD by my side. I will enjoy every last moment of it. From difficult to easy, from boring to fun, from sad to happy, and from mad to excited. No matter how I feel I will enjoy it all. Because each moment we face creates who we are as people and I believe I am in the process of creating a whole new me. So I say out loud every morning, “Will the real Frank Cruz please stand up?!”

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About the Author

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Frank Cruz. I am a former fat man who’s almost completely unleashed. I had an appetite that could not be satisfied. Four years ago I stepped on the scale, and was blown away when I saw the shocking number: 298. On January 1st, 2009 I decided to make a real change and I mean, mind, body, and soul. From that day forth I was on a mission to lose this weight. Something switched deep in my subconscious; I saw myself like a new man. That’s when the real change began, when my mind and soul won the battle over my body. Today I invite you to join me on a mission to transform your lives. This is truly a difficult task, but one that can be accomplished. I know how to do this; I have the road map to success!! Come and join me, and you too can be UNLEASHED.

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  1. DemiNo Gravatar says:

    Frank, your writing is incredible. This blog was very inspirational. We all need to learn to enjoy the moments in life, even the hard ones.

  2. Mejia GomezNo Gravatar says:

    Great blog!!!

  3. Nelson DejesusNo Gravatar says:

    Great way to look at it man..

  4. PeteyNo Gravatar says:

    I like that man, enjoy the moments.

  5. KookieNo Gravatar says:

    Sometimes its difficult to enjoy the hard times. I just feel like giving up. But that is a good way of looking at it.

  6. AshleyNo Gravatar says:

    Never thought of it that way.

  7. Luke R.No Gravatar says:

    Nice post Frank, glad to see it’s going well!

  8. Jone RobenNo Gravatar says:

    Hi i love your blog, found it while randomly surving a couple days ago, will keep checking up

  9. SarahNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Frank! Just stumbled upon your blog and I am glad to see that you are happy with your new lifestyle. Your determination is very inspiring (and exciting!!!! ha!) Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Good job Frank!!! I’ve always wondered about those food delivery programs like BistroMD… a couple of questions… how much loss is from the BistroMD and how much because you’re working your a** off? Are you able to stay on just the BistroMD alone, or do you find yourself still hungry and snacking on other stuff?

    • Frank CruzNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Dean,

      On July 12th 2010 I weighed 270 pounds, August 12th 2010 BistroMD sent me my first package, and my starting weight was 260 pounds. My most recent weigh in was on September 9th 2010 and I weighed in at 245 pounds. So I have lost 15 pounds in four weeks with BistroMD. Most importantly I have lost a total of 14.5 inches from around my body. My next weigh in will be on Wednesday the 22nd of September, and I look forward to being under 240 pounds.

      Am I hungry on BistroMD? NO.

      I have a personal dietitian who was assigned to me by BistroMD, Christy Shatlock, who designed a plan according to my weight and measurements. My daily calorie intake is 2300, based on my body and amount of activity. I am required to add one or two protein snacks in my day for the added calories.

      With all honesty I have to remind myself to eat my food. I do sometimes forget, and since I am eating all the time I am never hungry. Likewise I am never full to the point that my stomach can hold no more. I am just satisfied all day.

      Do I still get cravings? Yes.

      But I have learned that it is all in my mind. Its an emotional connection. I have learned to tie an emotional connection to living a healthy lifestyle. I believe if we could learn to enjoy this new lifestyle, we could continue it for a lifetime. Thanks for reading Dean, Be Blessed.

      Frank C.

  11. DorothyNo Gravatar says:

    I think I’ll also try this bistro md. I once lost weight before by training in kickboxing. It really helped me get a leaner body, stronger muscles and somehow got rid of fats. But, I’ve stopped training because I don’t have time for it anymore and I really need to lose weight. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I really learned a lot.

    • Frank C.No Gravatar says:

      Hey Dorothy,

      I’m glad to have been able to help. I gotta tell you, BistroMD has been a life saver for me. This has made my fight against obesity so much easier. I will be there soon, and then I will spend my life helping others get there too. Thank you for reading, Be Blessed.

      Frank C.

  12. JenaNo Gravatar says:

    U are dropping it fast Frank!! Keep it up, we’re so proud of you!!!

  13. GsantNo Gravatar says:

    Four pounds baby!! BistroMD is really doin they thing witchu!!!

  14. DrodNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t stop now, just keep it movin!!

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