Weekly Weigh-In: Another 3.4 lbs Lost

Weekly Weigh-in 3.4 lbs lostI lost another 3.4 lbs this past week making my total weight loss so far 66.6 lbs lost. I now weigh 281.4 lbs. I’m at an all time Tampa, FL low. By that I mean that I haven’t been this “light” since moving to Florida four years ago.

This past week was a good one. I was able to get myself on video performing a chin up, some burpees, and I’ve begun wearing clothes that I haven’t worn for years. The weight loss chart isn’t looking bad either, the downward trend continues for another week! YES!

That makes it another week of three or more pounds lost. Losing 3 lbs a week has been my attainable goal for the next few months. As much as I’d like to lose 5+ lbs a week, sometimes that just won’t happen. Slow and stead wins the race?

The weight loss is starting to show more and more as I continue on my journey. Workouts aren’t getting easier, but they aren’t as hard either. I’ve been able to maintain my strength, and in some cases even increase it, which amps me way up. I’m all about being able to lift heavy things. I’m going to really start focusing on being able to control my own bodyweight in just about any movement I make. That’s a major long term goal I have.

I’ve been thinking about my weight loss goals recently. Being that I am now wearing an XL shirt and it’s baggy, I’m pretty scared about looking too fragile and skinny. Sounds funny right? Me being afraid to look too skinny. I’ve never wanted to look skinny. I’m 280+ lbs and fit into an XL shirt. I have tons of fat I need to lose, so it makes me wonder what size shirt I’ll be wearing when I lose the fat… I’ve just wanted to look good naked and have an athletic looking body, akin to an MMA fighter or something like that. I don’t want to look like some bodybuilder or be a power lifter type, I just want to be strong and look athletic. My workouts are geared towards that. I don’t do any frequent long distance (muscle eating) running, I do sprints and short bursts. The only long distance anything I do is walking and riding my recumbent bike as I watch my favorite DVRed television shows. If I do any long distance running is once every two weeks, but lately I haven’t done any.


So, back to my goals. My original goals were: get under 300 lbs, get under 280 lbs, get to 250 lbs, and get to 225 lbs. I’m on track to reaching those goals but now I plan on seriously re-evaluating my goals once I reach 250 lbs. I know that when I get there I’ll still need to lose a considerable amount of fat, I’m fine with that. The issue is that once I get to 250 lbs, do I drop to 225 or lower and build back up or not? It’s a road I’ll need to cross when I get there, but it’s creeping up on me and bothering me since I don’t want to look all skinny and lanky.

Speaking of nutrition…I’ve been eating great. What’s great? Well, a majority of my calories come from fruits and veggies. I eat protein and fat too. It’s all good in my hood. I make sure to eat fruit every time I ate something. Whether it’s a banana with my morning breakfast of peanut butter on wheat or kiwis with my chicken and lettuce at dinner, I make sure to eat fruit. My bowel movements are regular, which I love. I like knowing that my body is functioning properly on the inside as well as out.

I have an issue. It’s nothing too serious, not some disorder or anything like that. It’s more of a mental thing. It’s that every week on Sunday I start thinking about my Monday weigh-in and being really anxious to get it over with. I then start thinking about not having lost any weight when I step on the scale. I even dream about it on Sundays. Just last night work up thinking that I had weighed in at 221 lbs. That’s like a weekly loss of 60+ lbs. That’s how much I think about it on Sundays. I guess I’ll get used to the notion that I am actually losing the weight. We’ll see.

I try to focus more on my workouts, getting stronger, and seeing the visual change in the mirror. These things won’t go away when I’m in maintenance mode. The weight loss will stop once I reach my goal weight and that’s something I have been preparing myself for. I won’t be doing the same workouts as I do now, not time wise anyway. I know some people continue to spend hours on treadmills and elliptical machines, addicted to the “weight loss” mentality. Not me, there’s more to this whole thing than just losing the weight. Or at least that’s what I think…

What do you think?

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  1. theantijaredNo Gravatar says:

    Are you human or a machine???? Robo-Megaloss!!!

    Keep it up!!!!

  2. ooh.. It’s cool!!1Keep it up

  3. I think you are working your plan and doing great! Contgrats man.

  4. Enjoying watching your progress! It is funny that you are now worried about getting too skinny and “fragile” looking. Oh, how sweet it must be to be male!

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