Weight Loss Tips and Blogs Needed

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks NeededI need some help. Any one with any weight loss tips and blogs that can help me shed some extra weight and adjust to my new lifestyle are encouraged to share them. I am looking for tips and tricks that will assist me in losing some extra fat, gain more muscle, curb my appetite, and so on. Anything, so long as it’s SAFE. I don’t want to put myself in harms way, if you know what I mean. Over the next few weeks I will try out these tips and will report back on what worked and what didn’t work for me.

For now, I have a list of health blogs that I frequent and they occasionally share some weight loss tips and insight that I employ. Sometimes the tips or tricks aren’t spelled out in plain English, but they are there nonetheless. There are times when I just take what I learn from others and make something up that suits me.

Here is the current list, I hope to add to this over the next few months:

John Is Fit –

Total Transformation Test –

Gotta Keep It Off –

Fitness By Liz –

John Stone –

The Fit Shack –

Weight Loss Diva’s –

Weigh Loss Weapons –

Built BIG –

Life Fitness Health – Weight Loss –

Ask The Fit Bastard Blog –

Back in skinny jeans –

Blogging Away Fat –

Burn The Fat Blog –

Celebrity Diet Doctor –

Cranky Fitness Cranky Fitness –

The Diet Pulpit –

Advertisement –

Diet Blog – – –

Fatty Weight Loss –

Fitness Blog –

Former Fat Guy Blog –

Half of Me –

I’m Such A Scale Whore – –

In Pursuit of Fitness –

Lazy Man and Health –

MH The Fitness Insider –

Muscle Ventures –

No More Mr. Fat Guy –

Really Useful Fitness Blog –

Run to Win –

Straight to the Bar –

Sucks To Be Fat –

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl –

The Blog at BlogSoop –

The Fit Chic Fat Loss Blog –

The Morbid Me –

The Nutrition Help Blog – –

Gaining Weight –

Unstoppable Fat Loss Blog –

Weight Ladder –

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My name is Israel Lagares. I used to be the kind of guy that was always in shape, but over the last few years I've fallen off tremendously. This site is my final attempt to get back into shape. So far I've lost 70.4 lbs. Check out my weight loss chart, weight loss videos and progress pics. Follow my journey, those of others, and read our thoughts on various health topics. Share your thoughts, experience, and journey here on FMU.

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  1. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    “Anything, so long as it’s SAFE.”

    There goes my suggestion to cut off a limb or two.

    In all seriousness, have you tried weight training that uses ONLY (or at least mostly) multi-joint exercises in the form of supersets. Bicep curls look cool and impress the blond on the hip abductor machine, but they are mostly a waste of time.

    Ultimately your workouts will be shorter but much more intense, burn more calories, AND build more muscle.

    If you want more info I can forward you an article I am writing for another blog.

  2. johnNo Gravatar says:

    A bunch of new sites there for me, thanks for compiling the list!

  3. Hi Israel,

    Thanks for the link!

    Re: safe, healthy weight loss, the best thing that I can recommend (and is what I recommend to my readers) is based on my own experience with the Six Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond. It is an eating and exercise plan, not a diet, but a lifestyle change. You eat a lot, eat often, and exercise regularly. You eat whole foods, get off the processed foods, raise your metabolism, and the best part is that you feel absolutely awesome.

    You lose fat, not muscle….it really is a healthy lifestyle plan. Let me know if you have any questions, you can follow the link in this comment if you want to read what I wrote on my blog.

    BTW, I think you’re doing great with your progress, I hope that you are also feeling fabulous. 🙂

  4. LoriNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the great links!

    You are off to a good start with your attitude! You sound determined to get back in control of things.

    FYI, I’m a big fan of the Body for Life program by Bill Phillips. But the best part is that there is a cookbook that goes with it! It’s titled Eating for Life. If you are looking for serious weight loss, it is ALL about your eating! No matter how much you work out, you won’t loose weight if you aren’t cutting your calories.

    What’s best about the cookbook is that it has breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners, AND desserts! What’s more, the recipes TASTE GOOD! I am not affiliated with EAS or Bill Phillips, I simply refer this book to all my clients and I see the results.

    If you ever need more support, check out my brutally honest weight loss blog

  5. Blaine MooreNo Gravatar says:


    I suggest picking up the new rules of lifting by Alwyn Cosgrove. The methods and programs employed in that book are exactly what John is talking about above: supersetting multi-joint exercises that work different areas of the body to force your body to adapt and ignoring useless exercises like curls.

    Cosgrove also has a program called “Afterburn” which I have heard really good things about and that is more all-inclusive for diet and exercise, but I haven’t used it personally. Based on the NROL book and other things that I have read by Cosgrove, though, I don’t doubt that it is a good program.

  6. I just lost 10 pounds in the last 2 months with very little effort.1- I stopped eating junk food ZERO JUNK FOOD2- I only eat processed food if there is no other alternative3- Make sure foods dont have any unnecessary sugar4- Eat only whole grains5- Eat alot of fruits and vegetables6- Exercise I do Ashtanga Yoga Only you can take care of your self.To your future weight loss.David

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      congrats on the success. those are some good rules to live by. i havent heard of Ashtanga yoga. I do really do yoga but i am thinking of giving it a try.

  7. TigerTomNo Gravatar says:

    NO junk food. More exercise.

    Or just swallow a tapeworm [grin].

  8. Thanks for the mention Israel, and for compiling such a great list of blogs. Lots of my favorites on there and some good new ones to check out!

    I don’t have any particular suggestions (you seem pretty familiar with most of the regular common sense stuff) but I’ll be curious to see how your experimenting with new ideas goes. Sounds like a great way to stay motivated!

  9. mousearooNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t have any other suggestions other than following a food guide and working out regularly.

    A previous commenter mentioned BFL. You may want to check it out simply for the HIIT, which you may in fact enjoy and see great results from. Taking the supplement meals away (myoplex), it really is about CLEAN eating (smaller portions of lean meat, whole grains/carbs/starches, veggies) and eating more frequently (6 meals) that are the keys to success. I tried it about 6 years ago and lost about 50lbs but then gained 30 of it back out of laziness. It just wasn’t “for life” for me whereas weight watchers is.

    I’m sure you could find helpful hints from it though from a training side as I go back to that from time to time for that aspect ONLY to change things up.

    Best of luck!

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      BFL, is that body for life? The thing is that I want to find something that i can do forever and that isnt too restricting. thanks for stopping by.

  10. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the link Israel.

    Here is another great site for motivation. It’s centered around exercise/fitness and proper diet. The free weekly podcast is really motivating. His name is Scott Smith give him a listen.

    motivation to move

    It takes a couple of times to really get him and understand and appreciate where he is coming from.

  11. KatieoNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Isreal, well there’s this great little blog called Sister SKinny, lol, We actually have a “tips” section in our label categories. 🙂 Hope some work for you.

    Body For Life may not be a good long-term fit, but I would definitely still recommend getting or reading the book. I learned a ton and implement a lot of the tips and principles I picked up from it.

  12. sanoNo Gravatar says:

    wow… what a list… i didnt know that there are a lot of blogs out there specifically for weight loss… i only stumbled a few… now im starting to read and check the blog on your list… my sister is a lil over weight and im sure can find some very useful tips that will surely help her!

  13. DinaNo Gravatar says:

    thanks for this list… im sure i can find something here worth reading… by the way… what blog are you currently reading and so far what do you think is the most effective? I dont have that much time to scan all those blogs…

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      I read all of them Dina, and I just extrapolate info from all of them and apply it to my life. I would say eating fruits and veggies and getting some sort of exercise in daily.

  14. cocoNo Gravatar says:

    do you have any blog list that has information about different kinds of diets?

  15. GeorgeNo Gravatar says:

    Craig Harper

    Not only weight loss tipps, but more/additionally a motivational blog. Really one of the best I have every read. I’m checking it as often as I can. It’s really worth reading! 🙂

    Keep up with your plan Israel, I’m sure you’re going to make it!

    Greetings from Austria (NOT Australia – there are no kangoroos in Austria except in the zoo 😉

  16. LeGoNo Gravatar says:

    I would suggest two sites that you don’t have listed. Even if you are not at those levels they can be motivation.

    If you work from home or post comments to other blogs in a discrete place, I have a challenge for you. For example before each post on shoemoney do 10-20 pushups, then do 10-20 after the post. You can rotate squats into that if your arms get tired. I find doing things while I am not working out, that don’t completely drain me, help me.

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      LeGo, I have seen these sites. First time was when I first started the blog. I like your challenge but I make way too many comments on blogs to be doing that. lol. I would be sore all day and not be able to finish my work outs. Instead, what I am thinking of doing is waking up each morning and doing a set of push ups before anything else. Right now I am up to 32 push ups in one set, almost half way to 70, where I once was.

      • LeGoNo Gravatar says:

        That is what I figured (I am seeing you on most of the blogs I visit now). Can you do multiple sets of 32 or is that a max out in reps? I will have to read the blog more to see what types of workouts you are doing. But in general just being active is helpful. If I am at the desk all day, I will have to do something like the pushups to not feel fat. I check out those sites for the motivation.

        • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

          I can max out for one set at around 40. I can do multiple (usually 3) sets with 35, 33, 25. Sometimes it varies like 35, 25, 20. As long as I can get above 20 each time I am happy. Especially since I couldn’t do one push up when I first started out years ago.

  17. LeslieNo Gravatar says:

    How about The Weighting Game?
    I always enjoy seeing your comments there!

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      I added you to my RSS after I made that post, but I had been reading you for a while. I was actually planning on making a post just about your site. Any mention of me would be sweet………

  18. SherrieNo Gravatar says:

    Are you interested in low carb at all? I have some links to some good low carb blogs in my blog roll as well as some of the research behind it:

  19. SherrieNo Gravatar says:

    They are particularly good for men and also women whom pack the weight on around the middle. I came across this one recently which I found highly motivating:

  20. IAAdminNo Gravatar says:

    I’m a little late, but hopefully, I can still make this list. And with a little luck, knowledge, and patience, Iowa Avenue might make your top blogs of 2008…………………..:)

  21. Hi Israel,

    Great list, thanks for putting it together! When you get a few moments, check out my weight loss blog… Hopefully you find something useful on NMFD.



  22. I applaud all the efforts I’m reading about!
    No one has mentioned acupuncture, in conjunction with exercise and diet, though! While acupuncture isn’t a magic bullet, it can help all your systems work better, so that your efforts pay off more. Acupuncture works to bring your systems (energetically) back into balance, and to understand why your metabolism may not be on par, or why you also have other digestive issues along with weight gain. By helping your body function better, you can get better results with the exercise and diet that you do. Neat, huh?

    It’s safe and natural!

    Thanks for letting me share 🙂

  23. PatrickNo Gravatar says:

    As I told you in my other comment on your other blog. Yoga is a great way to get fit, increase stamina, and stay at peace mentally. You really should give it a go.

  24. Thanks for sharing this nice blog. I believe reducing carb intake and doing aerobic exercises are keys to successful weight loss.

  25. CRNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the great links, I hope you find my blog on Common Sense Eating and Exercising to be what you were looking for. Please add me to your list.

  26. Joseph DNo Gravatar says:

    Israel, stop by my blog to find useful tips for weight loss and building muscle at the same time, might be of some use to you. Nice theme by the way.
    Joseph D

  27. amy stoneNo Gravatar says:

    Weight loss is tough. I just signed up for and Jayde Nicole fitness is awsome! It shows me what I want to do and achieve for my body and how that will be possible. Everyday I get a daily workout nutrition program. Its hard for me to be disaplined but the receipes are DELICIOUS!!!! I am able to eat what I want but at a low calorie count. There are cleanses also on the website. Along with a awsome work out dvd that kicks my butt! Its affordable and really helpful. Theres also coming out with a iphone app which will even be better! Everyone should join and get bikini ready!

  28. Eliya SydneyNo Gravatar says:

    Most any diet that teaches healthy eating and advises fat burning exercise will probably work for some people. The problem is sticking to it, and then keeing the weight off long term.

    The missing part of the success formula is releasing the resistance to weight loss, so that it never comes back again.

    Weight loss tends to creep back up on you unless the reasons for the gain are eliminated.

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