Why John Chow is Bad for Blogging

Why John Chow is Bad for BloggingI like to keep things related to health and weight loss, but there are times when I just need to vent. So this post is one of those times.

I have been intrigued with blogging since it started becoming popular a few years ago. That’s why I started this blog. I figured I would be able to document my weight loss journey as a way to make myself accountable for my actions. It has been working great. I love blogging, everything about it. Well, except for John Chow and wanna-be bloggers like him.

Being that I am a newbie blogger (this blog is only about 3 months old or so), I scour the internet for information that will help me better my blogging. Whether it is joining MyBlogLog (See my Community to the right), Technorati, or reading up on how to incorporate things into my blogging, I research everything there is to do with blogging.

One of the many sites I have come across during my blog researching is At first I figured it would be a useful resource, since he has been blogging for a few years, but then I realized that John Chow is bad for blogging. I am not the only one to realize this: Google, Digg, and a slew of others have criticized and/or penalized his blog.

So why do I think John Chow is bad for blogging? To start off he has taken the blogging out of blogging. What do I mean by that? I mean that he doesn’t just blog to blog about stuff. He now only blogs in order to make money online. His posts aren’t genuine. He gets paid for posting certain things. These certain “things” can make or break other sites. He is extremely biased with his posts. He tends to promote the heck out of things and it’s rather annoying. If there is nothing in it for him he doesn’t blog about it. At any given moment you can check his site at any time and see that he is peddling something.

Another reason why I feel that he is bad for blogging is because he has started this “make money with blogging” craze. Tons upon tons of wanna-be John Chow’s are now making dumb ass blogs about making money online. Don’t they realize that they will not make anywhere near what John Chow makes, if anything at all? They are just trying to be like him and spam the heck out of every single make money blog that there is. A perfect example is Yep, that’s right. JohnCow, with a COW. This guy, or as I suspect, couple of guys, are a bunch of young copy cats. Kids actually, that decided to mimic John Chow’s blog. While their posts are more entertaining and “light,” they are just like John Chow’s in that they are all about making money online. There are a slew of other copy cats, but you can find them yourself by just looking at the commentators on their respective blogs.


**EDIT** John Cow just recently had a redesign done. I think it actually looks amazing. It sets the site apart from the rest and I think it will give the site it’s own identity now.

Yet another reason why I can’t stand John Chow is that he is a “make money” whore. He is all about the all mighty dollar. That’s it. All he wants to do is make as much money as he can from his blog. I can’t stand it. Not because I am envious (as you can see my blog is about my weight loss journey), but because all you see on his blog are ads. Tons of them. The first thing you see is ads. It’s like one big advertisement that happens by chance to have some posts on it. He should call his blog “The Ad Blog.” Some ads are okay, but damn bro, cut back on those ads.

I won’t lie, I have the damned blog RSSed, but only to see if he will ever start bettering his blogging. I have hopes that he will return to his original ways of posting genuine posts., a blog worth readingOne blog I do like is The guy is an uber blogger. His blogs are genuine, personal, and entertaining. I don’t have to worry about him trying to sell me on the next big thing. Check his blog out, it’s worth it. Plus the guy was a fat bastard, not unlike myself, and lost weight. Although he did do it with gastric bypass surgery, but nonetheless he lost weight and is in good shape. He has some cool pics too. Well, now that I think of it, I am not as fat as he was. But whatever, check it out anyway.

Shouldn’t blogging be genuine? Blogs came about a few years ago because people wanted their voices heard. They wanted to have a place to say what they felt. If they happened to make a little money then cool. But blogging wasn’t about making money. Blogs weren’t started to get rich off of. I guess John Chow doesn’t care and neither do his readers. They hope he will be their savior and teach them how to make money. Haven’t they realized that if he teaches them all of his tricks that he jeopardizes his own income? Ugh.

John Chow…You are bad for blogging. Period.

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  1. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Well Andres, Ahmed is behaving like a bedke, what can I do?

  2. KundiNo Gravatar says:

    Well why do u people mix up languages?..why cant u talk in pure english?..Fools.

  3. Interesting link bait…teaming up with John Cow and all….but it seems to be a tad overdone…but I guess it’s working!

    Keeping working off the pounds..I know genetics is hard to fight but you can do it. Try training for a half marathon and make it your goal to finish…it works if you set a goal for yourself.

  4. Dinku JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Hell with John Chow…useless blogger…worse blogger i’ve ever seen…

  5. KyleNo Gravatar says:

    Agreed…worst of the kind..only boasts what he eats and what he dumps…nonsense..

  6. ripariNo Gravatar says:

    earns only 20k per month and acts like a big time…No wonder he’s gotta a couple of follish fans at his blog…

  7. Ripari, how much are you making? We all want to know.

  8. ripariNo Gravatar says:

    well i agree 20k is a cool amount…but he must maintain his way….his actions make people wonder he has some billion lots with him…the way he boasts….

  9. CatherineLNo Gravatar says:

    I think that amount is what he is making from his blog – and it’s pretty impressive given the time it’s taken him. He also has other sources of income.

  10. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    A simple solution would be for those who love reading his blog then continue doing so and for those who hate his blog do the other way round…Why so much of confusions?..In my personal opinion i dont like reading his blog coz he lacks informational posts and rather has a long stories of his fine dines..Well for how long can people love hearing to his restaurants and outings?..But i agree that he is a big time marketer…I just want to ask one question…FatMan was this a marketing technique?

  11. My comment has nothing to do with this post. But with the video I see on the right which is containing you carrying an big car, you are very strong man!

  12. John Chow in not blogger, is money maker 🙂

    • SteveNo Gravatar says:

      Actually Fatman sucks!!..i asked him a question previously “FatMan was this a marketing technique?”…he never replied for this…i think fatman is blogging for money…

  13. I know I may be a little late on this one, but I completely agree. But if I was rich and could pay someone to do everything for me, and still make over $10,000 a month, I would probably do it.

  14. PyjammezNo Gravatar says:

    Dude, I think you’ve missed the point of John Chow a little here. The guy is a marketing guru! There’s a good reason why he’s making over $30,000 a month from that blog. He’s captured an audience and he continues to capture more. He’s building a brand that is all about living the perfect lifestyle through the internet. All of his posts have meaning to them despite what they appear to be about on the surface. If either of the two is blogging purely for money, it’s Shoemoney. His blog posts always have something in them that is promoting himself as the best in his field. As helpful as his posts are, there’s always a secondary motive behind them.

  15. surozNo Gravatar says:

    Be yourself, I think that’s your main idea of this post

  16. d3soNo Gravatar says:

    That’s true. About 90% of his posts are ads. 😛
    Shoemoney on the other hand is better @ posting. Sometimes he posts ads but not as much.

  17. JamesNo Gravatar says:

    Keeping working off the pounds..I know genetics is hard to fight but you can do it. Try training for a half marathon and make it your goal to finish…it works if you set a goal for yourself. Ha ha ha ha. Nice posting.

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