Working Out with the Misses, I Love HER!!!

I don’t usually write about my wife on here, but today is an exception. Why? Because she rocks. Back when we were dating and in college, we would work out together and I used to love sharing that with her. It was something we did to relax and bond. So flash forward to now and the fact is that we just don’t workout together anymore.

That all changed a few days ago. I had just finished working out and was about to run some sprints. She was making dinner and had mentioned that she needed to workout but didn’t have enough time. That’s when I asked her to run some sprints with me. She agreed, and in doing so reignited a flame in us that had long ago been put out.


So we went to the backyard and ran some sprints. She out did me. Granted, I had just finished a pretty intense workout, but she kicked my butt anyway. I was nearly about to pass out but she was able to compose herself throughout the whole thing. We even had a bet, which I lost. I ended up having to do some push ups.

She is so tough that she decided to do push ups too! She amazes me. I forgot how in shape and determined my wife was, not just with exercise but with everything in life. Man do I love her (if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU).

This all just made me realize how much I enjoyed working out with her and how easy it was to incorporate that back into our lives. Those 20 minutes were priceless.

Next time you are about to workout, ask your partner to join you…

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  1. RanaesheartNo Gravatar says:

    What an amazing love story and truly the inspiration and motivation to stay close, exercise, and grow healthy together!!! Great stuff!!! Ranae

  2. Fitness GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Before my daughter was born my wife and I worked out together and I just loved that time we had. Now we struggle a bit to get our workouts in while chasing the kids.

    Actually we trained together at one point for a 10k run that we both didn’t make because of my knees and her back but anyway.

    Now I have my workout time and my wife gets to workout in the morning when the kids are at school.

    This really inspires me. What we have to do I guess is find a park somewhere and we can just run big laps around the park together like we did in the old days.

  3. boxercabNo Gravatar says:

    I love working out with my husband. We inspire each other too. Ah, love and health! πŸ™‚

  4. TomNo Gravatar says:

    That’s cool to hear. It’s great that you both have something like that from when you met that you can do together now and still have fun with it.

  5. MetroknowNo Gravatar says:

    My wife and I had a similar experience to Fitness Guy’s comment. We trained together for a half marathon and she wound up having to drop out because of an injury. We then over the next couple of years had another child, and that has made it tough. BUT, our oldest is now in pre-school, and I’m getting the running stroller fixed tomorrow so we can get back to it. It was good for us on so many levels. I can’t wait!

    Thanks for the inspiration as always Israel – you (and your significant other it appears), ROCK.

  6. Strong OneNo Gravatar says:

    Great thoughts.
    My wife and I don’t actually exercise together, but we attend the same gymnasium. Her workouts were created by me, and she often consults me for ‘something more difficult’ each time she advances.
    I love that she shares that with me.
    I know how you feel my friend.

  7. You have a fine woman there, but you know that! My wife and I used to go walking and then life kind of got in the way. I got to busy but she did cook these wonderful dinners the first five years of our (2nd for both) marriage! Well the kids were happy but their metabolism could handle it… my wife and I gained big time.

    Now that we are empty nesters (my step-daughter went away to college) my wonderful wife is helping me stay on track. She has not cooked a high-fat/calorie meal in months and we are both losing again! We are starting to think about getting the dogs into the workouts too and start walking again when we move to a neighborhood with sidewalks next month.

    I find that when my wife and I are doing the same things and helping each other – everything including diet is way easier.

    I think you are onto something Israel!

    John W. Zimmer

  8. Oh man, you let your wife kick your butt? If that isn’t additional incentive I don’t know what is!

  9. Weight LossNo Gravatar says:

    i love working out with my wife. it makes it so much easier and is way more fun

  10. Jack BinghamNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, this is such an inspiring post and it makes you realise that support of a loved one is really important. Great to feel the love from you and your wife,wish you many happy years. Well done Israel, you’re a true inspiration on more than one level.Once again, all the best to you and your wife, Jack Bingham

  11. LED LightsNo Gravatar says:

    I guess your wife give your huge support in your blog writing process. πŸ™‚

  12. LaurieNo Gravatar says:

    Drive and motivation times two makes a huge difference for me and my husband. Our hectic schedules require early morning workouts, and it’s sooo hard getting up in the morning when it’s still dark! Some days I push us out of bed, and other day’s he does. We weight train together and then I head over to the cardio machines. It’s a fun game for us catching each other’s eye across the gym. We flirt with each other while we’re improving our bodies – both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether you’re married or have friends that also workout, partnering up to help encourage and motivate is always a plus in reaching any fitness goal.

  13. CMOGNo Gravatar says:

    I wish I could get my girlfriend to work out with me, but something always gets in the way. This article inspires me to keep trying.

  14. maybe you should write more about your wife. That’s a great li’l love story. πŸ˜‰ Congrats to the both of you!

  15. Great stuff, Susan (my wife) and I will be joining a gym next month and I am looking forward to working out with here.

    Take care,

    Have you got in some more T’s?

  16. PaunchinessNo Gravatar says:

    I love working out with my wife. It motivates both of us to go and exercise. She’s also right there every morning so I know if she’s gonna show up at the gym or not. hehe

  17. Great story. I love working out with my wife as well. We haven’t been able to work out as much together since she had our son, but now that he is almost a year and a half she is starting to get back into it. Glad to see you both having fun together again!

  18. vinsarshiNo Gravatar says:

    Great post keep the sizzle in the relationship.I loved working out with my wife.But since our daughter its been pretty hard to find time to do it. I try to get her motivated again but she is not having it.She and i have lost weight together packs on quick and is not as easy getting it off.I hope to get her active sometime soon.Though we do eat healthy and all.

  19. I too enjoy working out with my misses. Just wish we could workout together more.

  20. Ricky YunNo Gravatar says:

    This is awsome! look forward to more thanks!

  21. judithNo Gravatar says:

    I think working out and taking exercise together is a great idea, I just wish my husband agreed with me. He needs to lose weight, but won’t do any exercise. I keep fit by gardening, but I’d do any kind of sport he wanted, or go for walks, anything to get him mobile. I fear for his long term health.

  22. WymettoNo Gravatar says:

    Keep rockin Isreal, my wife and i like riding our bikes down to the beach and working out – people think we are crazy but it helps to have both of us committed to getting in better shape..

  23. john adlerNo Gravatar says:

    I exercise (run, lift weights) 5 days a week but my wife doesn’t do anything for physical fitness.How do I get my wife to exercise?

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