X – Country Half Marathon, Alafai State Park, FL

Team Fat Man's Run at X- Country Half Marathon

Race: X – Country Half Marathon, Alafai State Park, FL
Time: 1 hour 31 minutes and 40 seconds, 10th of 178

I was really pumped for this race, I had been training hard and running about 40 miles a week. I ate well the week prior to the race and had a solid training week. End result: worst half marathon ever by two minutes.

Everything started as planned race morning. I got up early , had my powerbar and, got to the race early. After paying to park (arghhh) I had to walk 1 mile to register which suddenly put me behind schedule and barely at the starting line on time. I took off well and was cruising until I realized there were no timing or mileage markers on the course. I figured I could live without these but apparently not.


Overall, I was not happy with the race for many reasons but I need to put the blame all on myself. For myself and others I recommend thorough research of the event you plan to attend. I also recommend a positive attitude which I know I did not have once at the starting line.

Physically I felt fine but mentally I was not there. I took some days off after the race and did some reflecting and am back in the full swing of training with another half coming right up. I got down on myself but know I would be even angrier in the future if I do not achieve my goals of besting my half marathon time and completing a full marathon.

Oh yah, I also am growing the beard back so I can be a badass like Chuck Norris!

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  1. I love running and competing in road races. It is tough though if there aren’t any markers along the way. One race I did I wore a headset and I timed my race based on the songs.
    Good blog. Great Information. I am glad I am not the only one that struggles at times.

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      That reminds me of how I used to time my treadmill running by the amount of songs that played as I ran, instead of looking at the timer on the machine.

  2. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    It’s okay man, just use this as motivation to get you to the next level. We all stumble, I have, I do with my weight loss. It’s about how you react to this adversity that defines ya bro!

    Go Team Fat Man!!!

  3. energy shotNo Gravatar says:

    thats still a great time… ive only run a half marathin once and i had a pretty bad time, at least compared to you… 2 hours 20 min :S

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