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ZocDoc is a website that focuses on providing its visitors with the ability to find a dentist or doctor and then scheduling an appointment online for free.

ZocDoc Interview
1. What is ZocDoc?
If you’ve ever needed a doctor and didn’t know how to find one, or couldn’t find a good one, or couldn’t find one who would see you right away, then you already know why we created ZocDoc. We created it for you.

2. How can it help people with their health?
ZocDoc provides an online way for you to find and book appointments with doctors and dentists instantly. You can come to our website and with a few simple clicks, find a practitioner who accepts your insurance, and is in your neighborhood. You can also read reviews from previous ZocDoc patients and book appointments – for free!

3. What was the inspiration for the idea?
Our Cofounder and CEO Cyrus Massoumi thought of the idea for ZocDoc after rupturing his eardrum during a flight. He tried to find an ENT specialist, but outdated insurance websites and full schedules made him live in pain for 4 days before he could finally see a doctor. He knew there were available appointments, however he just couldn’t find them. So he came up with the idea for ZocDoc to make it easier for patients to access the care they need, when they need it.

4. What makes it stand out amongst similar sites/products?
Think about it: How do you find a doctor right now? Insurance website directories are a shot in the dark. There’s no way to know which doctors are good, or if office addresses and phone numbers are even accurate. Other online doctor directories don’t allow you to book appointments, and reviews on these sites can be entered by anyone, giving you no sense of trust.

5. What are you plans for the future?
ZocDoc fills a need that has been too great for too long. We provide accurate information on each practitioner, reviews from ZocDoc patients only, and the opportunity to book appointments, all in one place. Quick, convenient, and trustworthy, our first priority is always you.

More On ZocDoc
You can search for many dentists and doctors specialized in various fields of expertise. The searching process makes it convenient and relatively fast to find a doctor or dentist within a few minutes. The site states you can find just about any doctor or dentist within the New York area but you can search in other cities and states. They plan on expanding into more territories as demand dictates.


If there are no doctors in your area ZocDoc will encourage you to inform them of where they aren’t supported. This will cause ZocDoc to begin providing their services in your area in the future. Be sure to fill out the simple form that pops up when there is no doctors or dentists in your area. Doing so you will be opted in to be notified once they are supporting your area. In due time this site will support the United States nation wide. Right now they focus on New York, here are specific listings for Brooklyn Dentists. Do keep in mind however that ZocDoc is still currently in BETA stage, meaning it is still in testing. It functions perfectly for the most part so it performs a lot better than other usual beta sites.

Once a doctor or dentist is found in your area a list of them is displayed. Each professional has detailed information such as address, specialties, practice name, and insurances accepted listed. There is also a rating system so if the ratings are low then it is recommended that you do not deal with that person. Some new people will not have a rating.

Each doctor/dentist has a professional statement which gives you some idea about the person. They even show you the person’s educational background displaying the college and specialized institutions they graduated from. They also display the languages they can speak so if you have someone that only speaks Spanish you can refer them to a doctor or dentist who can speak Spanish making this detail convenient to people who’s first language is not English. This section also showcases certifications that have been achieved and professional memberships of specific associations. You can view patient reviews of each dentist or doctor on ZocDoc. If you’ve been a patient of any of these doctors or dentists you can post a review of them yourself to help others decide who would be best for them.

Convenience is key with ZocDoc so after you’ve found the perfect doctor or dentist that suits your needs you can then select your reason for visiting and the schedule will automatically change to the date times that are opened for that particular reason. Simply click on the time you wish to book an appointment and you will then be transferred to the verify details page. Just reconfirm everything such as the specialty, reason, and insurance details. If you are logged in you will then be booked. If not then you will need to either login or sign up for a new account. This process is free of charge so no worries of needing to pay to use these services.

Simply put, ZocDoc fills a need. It’s convenient and free. You can’t beat that. Visit today and let me know what you tihnk about it.

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  1. Hey – I founds your blog from the post over at – Looks like a lot of great info that’s right on point – I’ll be checking back!

  2. Ben PeiNo Gravatar says:

    Wow now even doctors and dentists get online..

  3. Mr. MeltdownNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the heads up Israel! That is a useful site and I will add it to my bookmarks… I changed up a few things on my page so give me some feedback. How have you been dude?

  4. TomNo Gravatar says:

    This seems like a good service. From a patient’s standpoint this seems really convenient. I especially like how the doctor can give a statement and you can learn a little about them before you book an appointment.

  5. I Am KingNo Gravatar says:

    This is pretty cool, would be nice if we got something like this in the UK.

  6. DanNo Gravatar says:

    The Health Care Industry, particularly in the United States, needs to evolve and revolutionize for the benefit of those who utilize the services of this industry, which is the public. Among other issues that need to be rebuilt and corrected, there is the issue of patients misunderstanding their health care providers who happen to overestimate their patients’ health literacy. That seems to be in the process of being corrected in large part, that issue.
    Health care has been called recently the most crowded market in cyberspace. There is a strong desire by these so many others to collect, refine and share health care and medical information they seek so often in order to gain valuable knowledge- such as with patients who have some concern or actual disease or medical condition , unfortunately. Patients desire to manage their specific health concerns in order to supplement the advice and treatment regimens provided by their health care providers. Patients do this with what essentially is a subculture of this healthcare online network avenues more are discovering and joining for their own health and desire for increased knowledge about medicine and health care, which includes health care providers as well. Presently, there may be 100 or more new and innovative sites which are called, as a group, Health 2.0- social networking sites, and began their creation well over a decade ago. Mr. Matthew Holt created the term ‘Health 2.0’, and also created:
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    Patients are indeed a virtue, as they and others are democratizing health care with this new avenue of Socratic learning.
    This, indeed, is authentic patient power.
    Thank you,
    Daniel Abshear
    Phone: 636-639-1027

  7. Dental CareNo Gravatar says:

    Does ZocDoc let anyone rate dentists like ‘yelp’ or other review based search engines or is it ZocDoc subscribers only? Its a great idea, good luck!

  8. Loren WrightNo Gravatar says:

    I’m looking for best orthodontist who can help me with
    my teeth.

    I consider second opinions before deciding where will i
    consult my problem. Hope you can help me.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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