A Flask For Runners: The Body Bottle

Body Bottle and strapA few weeks ago I was in dire need of a water bottle. I was reduced to using a regular cup for the time being. I have been wanting to get one of those big green Gatorade bottles that are used in college and NFL games, but have been too lazy to go buy one. Then John from Body Bottle stopped by the blog and I immediately wanted to test it, so he sent me one.

My first impression was, “Cool, this may work for me.” Some quick facts about it: It holds 10 ounces of water, costs $10.95, and straps on to your arm using Velcro. The cool part about it is that it helps keep your hands free while you are running, which may be more beneficial to some athletes more than others.

The Body Bottle in Use on my ArmBeing that I weigh over 300 lbs, it was pretty tough getting the strap to fit around my fat arm, elastic and all. I finally got it on with my wifes help but it was way too tight. I tried wearing it while I ran and felt like the circulation in my arm was being cut off. I eventually took it off. It fit comfortably on my wifes arm, so maybe if the strap was made a bit longer it would work for bigger folks. I like how the bottle is curved and flask-like, fitting the natural curvature of the arm. I also like the texture on the bottle, it helps with gripping. I didn’t like the twist-off cap, but John has stated on the Body Bottle blog that he is working on a new cap. The Velcro was really tough and held the bottle full of water on my bouncing frame with no sign of letting it fall. I did notice that I had to tug on it with some strength to get it off, but that’s just a sign of the strong Velcro.


I like the overall idea of the Body Bottle, but I think it needs a few tweaks. The size of the bottle is good for short distance runners, but 10 ounces may not be enough for some. I am not a long distance runner, the most I run is three miles and it’s enough for me. But then again a big bottle may not be sensible to have on your arm since the increased size may cause excessive bouncing. The strap could be made a bit longer for bigger arms as well. I was left wanting to add ice to my water but couldn’t since the size of the spout was so small. I didn’t remember to leave it in the fridge so my water was warmer than I like. It would also be cool if you could put it on your forearm, but that’s up to the user.

For now I am going to use the bottle, but not on my arm. Once I lose some more fat in my arm I will be able to strap it on without any discomfort. I am also only running on my treadmill for now, but once I am ready to go for runs outside I will be wearing my Body Bottle. Overall, I think the Body Bottle is a cool product. It is useful and sort of a no-brainer. I hate holding stuff in my hands when I run and this helps with that. This is a fine solution for joggers that don’t like carrying stuff on their backs or waists either. I will definitely be using it for going on walks and to the park with the family, especially since my two year old loves using it. She likes twisting the cap and the removable Velcro logo that came with it.

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  1. VentriloNo Gravatar says:

    that looks cool, i might have to order myself one

  2. ScottNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting idea. How long is the strap?

  3. Half ManNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I have been running for about 3 months now. The body bottle sounds interesting.

  4. Jake WrightNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve been running for about 5 weeks now. This body bottle idea seems interesting. I wonder if that strap would hurt your arm after awhile?

    Jake Wright

  5. CatherineLNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Israel – this looks way too heavy for me. It’s a shame because a water bottle for running would be useful. I have always limited myself to three miles because I don’t think I could manage not being able to drink water for any longer.

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      It’s not really heavy, not for me at least. I may be wrong, but John may be making a smaller one. Or was it a bigger one? Dunno, I think he is open to feedback so you should shoot that over to him.

  6. good job I myself am pretty big I work out constantly your’s truly

  7. Seems kinda gimicky. I know most people will have either gatorade or water in the bottle but could you imagine the one idiot who decided to put diet coke in it and go running? At least the resulting spray might be refreshing after a 2 mile jog.

  8. hmm….is tat will overwork and hurt your arm muscle? Vigorously exercise your muscle will cause injury….

  9. LeslieNo Gravatar says:

    I think this looks cool – even better would be something that straps around the waist so you can just reach down and grab a drink. But I’d still use this on runs. Thanks for showing us!

  10. That’s a helpful post — rather than just highlight the features, you really explained how it works for people with your body type and gave us the straight scoop. This would really be helpful b/c it’s so hard to get water bottles set out along my run when I go on longer runs — it’s a huge pain to put them out. I’ll have to check this out.

  11. Actually, water is not necessary for runs which are even 20-25 km long. This is my own experience 🙂 . I do running for years (I had a break for 2 years because of problems with knee) and I have never had a trouble with water. These days I run 9-10 km only because I have a lot of business, but drinking the water always follows the end of each run 🙂 .

    Naturally, higher temperatures may be killing, but if it’s up to 30°C, then man can easily run 1h30min – 2h without any problem.

  12. This is a great information because i would also like to try it out with the bottle.

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