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Divine Caroline Web siteI came across Divine Caroline a while back. I have always felt it was a great source of information for health, fitness, and everyday life. But the one thing that sort of turned me off was that it was primarily set up to appeal to women. Now there is nothing wrong with that. Not at all. The people I love most in this world are women: my daughter, my mom, my wife, and my grandma. I’m pro-woman. At that time I was just setting up this site and didn’t feel it was what I was looking for as a constant source to assist me in my goals.

That all ends NOW! As of right now Fat Man Unleashed is invading Divine Caroline with his own brand of kick your butt, funny, engaging health writing. I have my own Divine Caroline author page that I plan to populate with some of my best stuff. I think it’s time they saw some more guy stuff over there, not that the guys over there aren’t doing enough. I just feel like I can bring something else to the table for them as far as expanding their male audience.

I also plan on using them to expand the female audience here at Fat Man Unleashed. I want to break out of the male dominated audience mold and get some new female readers. Maybe it’s predominantly male because I’m a man’s man. Or so I think. Oh well. Who cares.


Here’s their “official” blurb. I will give you my take on it after.

Share some words. Find an answer. Add your twist.

There’s a new place where real voices rule. Where people can write and publish stories about anything that matters to them. It’s called DivineCaroline and it’s full of words and wisdom just the way you like them – dripping with honesty. What do we talk about? That’s up to you. One channel we think you’ll appreciate is Body & Soul where we’re taking on prevention, emotional well-being, sexy health and much more.

There are 8 other channels too – covering everything from Career & Money to Travel. You can submit a story if you want or just see what everyone else has to say. So when you get a minute, please come and explore our stories, reviews and forums. Everyone’s welcome to browse and read and when you’re ready to participate, it’ll take just a few seconds to register. Yes, it’s free! Hope to see you soon at Official LogoIn other words, just head over to Divine Caroline and explore all of the great resources they have set up. They have just about everything for everyone. And with me contributing now, you’re definitely not going to be dissappointed.

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  1. I am looking for as a constant source to assist me in my goals. This will helpful to me.

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