Biggest Loser is Finally Coming Back

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I know that they have gone international and are airing shows in different countries, but it feels like it was forever ago that I watched the season finale of The Biggest Loser on NBC. Seriously, how long has it been? Anyone remember? I was watching some television and saw a commercial for it. Finally! It’s back, plus they have a “where are they now” special for the past contestants on Tuesday, Sept. 4. That will be fun to watch. I wonder how all of those people are doing. I bet they kept the weight off, or at least a reasonable amount of it off.


I think the Biggest Loser gods were listening to me when they got rid of Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s fat aunt and replaced her with super attractive Alison Sweeney as the new host (she has her own blog). She is hot, and not fat. Not that I have anything against fat women, but if you are going to host a show about weight loss, at the very least be presentable and lose some weight yourself.

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I just saw the exclusive online video promotion for this season and its going to be awesome. Jillian is back and she is training a black team to compete with the red and blue teams. There’s a new Biggest Loser Campus. They even have the contestants pulling airplanes! I wonder what other new twists and shockers there will be this season. I can’t wait, I can honestly say I love that show. I sound all cheesy but this show brought me and my wife a little closer since it first aired. I know that this season I will be losing the weight along with the contestants or maybe even at a faster rate. We shall all see.

Season 4 kicks off on Tuesday, September 11th with a 2 hour episode. Woohoo!

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