Perfect Blogging Birthday Contest

My buddy Stefan over at Perfect Blogging is having a contest where 20 people will win $50 each. That’s $1,000 in prizes! It’s his birthday so he’s trying to do it big.

Stefan is throwing a birthday contest and is giving away $50 to 20 different people! All you have to do subscribe to his RSS feed by email. You can find the form on the right sidebar on any page on his blog. The winners will be chosen with a randomizer. The first 20 people selected will be given $50 each. The contest ends on the February 15th so head on over now and enter.

Free Blog ConsultationOn top of giving away a truck load in cash, Stefan is also offering a free blog consultation for his RSS subscribers. He will shoot you some free tips about your design, traffic, readership, monetizing and a few plugins you could use. It’s always good to have an outside opinion, worth a shot.

Perfect Blogging

Stefan has been writing some great content that is definitely worth a read. He’s started a mini guide about improving your blog and blogging. The guide already has three installments and they all have been focusing on different aspects.

If you are looking for new ways to monetize Stefan gives 15 ways to get blogging ideas. As a blogger I am always trying to think about the next topic and article I am going to write. His 15 ways could definitely get your blogging juices flowing.

Perfect Blogging is a blog about blogging. Strange to those of you who aren’t bloggers, isn’t it? However, blogging about blogging is a very popular niche and quite a few people actually make a living doing it. Now, Perfect Blogging is a rather new blog and is only beginning to develop content about various blogging topics, but it has great potential.


The first thing I notice about Perfect Blogging is its simple, yet appealing look. The blog has a nice logo, decent sidebar organization, and easy navigation. The design is a 3-column look which while I’m normally highly against, Perfect Blogging makes it work.

The Final Verdict:

What I like about Perfect Blogging

What I think Stefan could improve upon:

  • The content. There isn’t much of it, but could use some polishing on how they are written. I find myself lost while reading which is a major turnoff.
  • The post date structure. I like to know a specific date when a post is made. It’s nice to know if a post is fresh or not, but on Perfect Blogging, all I see is a month.
  • SEO (search engine optimization). I noticed Perfect Blogging isn’t optimizing too many keywords on its homepage nor on any of its posts. I suggest using Uberdose’s All-In-One SEO plugin for wordpress
  • RSS Visibility. I believe Perfect Blogging could see more organic RSS readers if the RSS module was moved to the top of the right sidebar. That way it would be more noticeable to new readers.

Overall, Perfect Blogging has a lot of potential and I see great things from Stefan in the future. If you would like to start a blog or would like tips on how to become a better blogger, visit Perfect Blogging today.

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  2. This is a nice idea of perfect blogging.I guess others will like this too.

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