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Men’s Fitness MagazineWe all know getting into the workout groove is half the battle. Whether it’s from lack of motivation or not knowing where to begin, a health and fitness magazine subscription is a good way to stay on track and to keep you positive.

I like Men’s Fitness because it is a great source for fitness, diet, and health advice. Each issue has articles on exercise routines, nutritional plans, and weight loss. There is always at least one article on “how to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks” or “how to lose 10 pounds by Easter.” They provide a day-to-day workout and diet breakdown with just enough scientific explanation for the average person to understand.


Many of my teen years included me reading a wide assortment of bodybuilding magazines. I learned a lot of information from them. Personally I changed the way I eat and workout from reading some of the articles. Some articles even tell you which foods to avoid, eat, and why. They’ll even throw in recipes for delicious healthy food.

I like to look for discounts when I order subscriptions. I usually buy them at the local Wal-Mart, but always think to myself that it’s cheaper to just subscribe yearly for the cost of a few magazines that you would buy individually. I came across a site is offering magazine subscriptions for a good discount. Discount Mags has a large library of health and fitness magazines, I already put in my order for Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and Shape (for the misses).

It’s always good to add to your health knowledge arsenal. Which health magazines do you read or subscribe to?

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My name is Israel Lagares. I used to be the kind of guy that was always in shape, but over the last few years I've fallen off tremendously. This site is my final attempt to get back into shape. So far I've lost 70.4 lbs. Check out my weight loss chart, weight loss videos and progress pics. Follow my journey, those of others, and read our thoughts on various health topics. Share your thoughts, experience, and journey here on FMU.

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  1. DMNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Israel, How did you find my site?

    • IsraelNo Gravatar says:

      Hi DM, I was googling around for some discount health magazine sites and yours stood out. Hope it’s not a problem that I linked it…

      • DMNo Gravatar says:

        Not a problem. I’ve actually gone ahead and created some coupon codes for your readers. They’ll be able to pick up Shape or Men’s Fitness for $7.00 using the codes UNLEASH-S and UNLEASH-MF, respectively.

  2. Hood WorkoutNo Gravatar says:

    I am a big fan of Men’s Journal Magazine. It gives me encouragement to prep for journeys. It gets me out of the crib and doing things. I think magazines can be great for motivation. Also having mags that are not just ads on top of ads is good… Great offer DM. I might have to jump on that. Men’s Journal is also at a great rate as well.

  3. WillNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Israel,

    I stumbled across your blog randomly surfing around the web. Good too read about your weight loss journey (thus far).

    I’ve been blogging my own health adventure and he act of going public with my battle has been immensely helpful in sticking to the straight and narrow.

    Keep it up and be abundantly blessed in the name of Jesus.

  4. Dr. KalNo Gravatar says:

    Ebay also has great subsription discounts. I personally like Men’s Health the best, but I subsribe to Men’s Fitness also. The guys in those magazines give me something to aspire to.

  5. Fitness BloggerNo Gravatar says:

    Men’s Health is great, and if you’re into it, you should check this out:

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  6. Hi
    I accidentally found your site and I find it interesting for a family man like me. Your right reading health magazines really makes me informed and motivated in getting fit. I am also a regular subscriber of Men’s Fitness and on online newsletter of Sixwise.

  7. I like Men’s Fitness because it is a great source for fitness, diet, and health advice.

  8. Mens Health magazine is a great magazine. Very informative

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