Tae Bo Aerobics Kicked My Butt

Tae Bo Billy Blanks Video Cassette WorkoutOn Monday I did Tae bo for the second time in my life. Every now and again my wife convinces me to work out to her tune. Last time I did Tae Bo with her was in our cramped apartment in New York City about 4 years ago. I ended up pulling a back muscle and vowing to never do Tae Bo again. I was in good shape when that occurred. I found that Tae Bo gave me a decent cardiovascular workout, which totally shocked me, but was not about to risk pulling any more muscles.

It was a cardio day and we had just gotten back from our family time at the park. We tried running around on the grass but we both felt awkward and stiff so we just continued to play with the baby until she decided to come home. I didn’t feel like running on the treadmill so we opted to get some aerobics work in by way of Billy Blanks. Man was it tough. I wanted to stop mid way, especially when he had us doing round house kicks and donkey kicks. I was sweating tremendously within a few minutes and my legs and arms were burning. My wife on the other hand was getting through it with ease which made me look like a chump.

A side not on Mr. Blanks: I recall seeing him in some martial arts movies and along side Jean Claude Van Damme when I was a kid. I guess he never really took off as an action star. Oh well. LOL.


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My wife has had the original Billy Blanks Tae Bo video cassette for years, since 1998. I recall buying her a more recent DVD edition a couple of years ago but she only does that one on weekends. She wakes up every morning at 6 AM and pops in the Tae Bo and gets her aerobics in before heading off to work. I admire the fact that she is tough enough, both mentally and physically, to get up each day and do that.

We both recently began trying to get back into shape and it is definitely paying off. She has lost about 8 lbs and is almost at her goal of 125. But aside from the weight loss she has reduced the size of her waist, belly, hips and thighs. It’s so amazing how the human body works when you workout and eat right. At first glance it doesn’t seem like she has done much to change her lifestyle, but when you think about it the small changes are what’s causing such a big effect on her body. We have both cut back on over eating, drinking unnecessary “juices” and carbonated beverages, and indulging on sugar packed snacks. She isn’t a saint but she does a lot better now. She has more wiggle room than I do as far as what she can eat since she didn’t have to drop over 80 lbs.

I was glad to have shared some workout bounding time with my wife. It was cool to incorporate something new into my routine so that I could get my workout in for the day. I was also glad to finally face my Tae Bo fears. I was afraid of pulling another muscle but I got through it. Victory!

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  1. Good for your wife! I admire that too. Does she want to share any tips on how to be so with it mentally to pencil in aerobics daily?

  2. Those tapes are huge in Japan at the moment. He’s seems to be on TV every night and a lot of Japanese TV personalities have done it as part of shows. It looks exhausting.

  3. Yeap, this is totally true, for me at least I practice taebo 3 times a week and let me tell you that works

  4. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    I like Tae bo as a workout, but I always feel ridiculous doing it. Punching and kicking in the air at nothing. I usually have to do it on my own too.

    I tried it once with my wife and she ended up kicking me in the rib. It’s funny now but man, it hurt.

    Financial Hack, it’s funny how everything old in America (culture wise) is somehow new again in Japan. But it is the exact opposite when it comes to technology 🙂

  5. NormaNo Gravatar says:

    i enjoy reading this article. thanks fo rworking out with me.

  6. Michael CNo Gravatar says:

    I would definitely have to say it would be way to hard for me.

  7. Jake WrightNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve Tried Tae Bo before. It was actually pretty tough. It took me awhile to get used to it. Especially since I am not flexible at all. After all was said and done I decided that it was way too hard for me to do as well.

    Jake Wright

  8. mirandaNo Gravatar says:

    I am fixen to start my tae bo again i have let me self get fat and i wanted to say your right its not easy but it is fun and i really enjoy doing it and hopfully i get back down to the size i want

  9. richardNo Gravatar says:

    where do they offer the true Tae BO workouts at gyms in my area? lewiston maine 04240 thanks rich

  10. kimNo Gravatar says:

    What Taebo series did your wife use to get to her weight loss goal?

  11. Frank C.No Gravatar says:

    Yea man I love TaeBo!!! I got mad dvds, the latest one’s too..

  12. TonyNo Gravatar says:

    I am about to start back doing TaeBo since I have gotten out of shape and it is hard but once a person gets into a routine, you results are remarkable.

  13. shelaneNo Gravatar says:

    iv wasted too much money on gym membership without dropping any weight. I started taebo basic last year september and saw results just after 8 days. I reached my target weight within 3 1/2 months of doing advance 5-6 times a week. Oh without changing ma diet and endulging on french fries and chocolate whenever i want.

  14. FantazimNo Gravatar says:

    I started Tae-bo about a month now. I do it three times a week. It is tough but I keep going. I am starting to see some results now in my muscle tone. Damn good workout.

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