The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 10 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 10

The show picks up right where it left off last week with Mike waiting to be weighed in. Remember if he loses 9 pounds or more all players stay for another week, or a player from each team goes home. Well Mike is becoming the really big champion here as he lost 11 pounds and saved everyone.

Pop Challenge – Head to Head
They barely left the weigh-in and Alison was there with another pop challenge. This one had everyone but Kristin (there’s some medical issues here) and two of the black players (to even up the chances) take on a physical challenge. The remaining players had to do a wall sit and hold a ball in their lap without hands. This is a really uncomfortable exercise that challenges your leg muscles because you have to prop your back against the wall while in a seated position. The winner then chose members of each team to do head to head weigh-in for this week. Tara again won this challenge (she’s tough to beat) and after just a short time set up the match ups that won the week. There were 5 head to head matches and the team that lost the total matches had to send a player home.

Mike vs. Cathy
Filpie vs. Kristin
Laura vs. Aubrey
Helen vs. Ron
Sione vs. Mandi

These were the match-ups as selected by Tara.

Something Brewing
Now during the first workout Filipe started to get a little perturbed that Jillian wasn’t paying any attention to him during the workout. He still wanted to be part of Bob’s group and he doesn’t like it that he has a feeling of being slighted. He noticed that Jillian didn’t work with him on that particular day while she worked with all the others.

Physical Challenge
This was a relay challenge with the two teams doing some major physical stuff. One player started in the pool pulling medicine balls from one end to the other. How many? Why 24 since they’re at 24 hour fitness. Got to get those sponsors their time. After that a player had to pull the balls up a flight of stairs from near the pool. Next the balls were pulled over some obstacles made from weight benches. Last the balls were put on a rack, but not before they had to do 24 overhead touches with each set of two. Black team won again. Who do you think is missing Dane? Blue team won the benefit of what was called 24 hours of luxury.


Blue team was pissed that they continue to lose and went back to give a really solid effort in their workout.

The black team was picked up in a limo and headed off to a plush hotel for what can be described as decadent behavior. They didn’t work out and got tons of food to eat and even got drunk at the bar. Helen even did some smoking which I’m sure is banned at the ranch. The total eating from each player was over 15000 calories. The black team is showing that they think that they just show up and the weight drops. I think they forgot the first reason they were on this show. I also think it may be a glimpse into what will really happen once their short lived fame is gone. Sione even remarked that winning the 24 hours of luxury may not have been such a good idea.

Last Chance Workout
Jillian was pissed about how the black team reacted and yelled at the entire group. Filipe then became outraged at Jillian for what he perceived as a snub on his training. After he did his yelling he left the room with Sione in tow and went seeking out Bob to tell him about their woes. They ended up doing their workout with Bob which was really bush league to me.

Now I need to stop here and editorialize a bit. I just don’t get the mentality of Filipe yelling at Jillian and leaving her to go to Bob. I think they’ll be more about this next week. Here’s a guy that was sitting around slamming pizza into his face with a starting weight of 364 Lbs. He wants to take on a trainer that has gotten the most of her team and produces results. I think the ranch and cameras may be getting the best of him.

The Weigh-In
As I said above, they did the weigh-in by a face off, one on one challenge. You lose more than your counterpart on the other team, you win a point. Team that gets 3 points out of 5 wins. The blue thought this was finally theirs and from the first two groups to compete, it looked like they would. Tara didn’t lose a thing and Laura actually gained a pound. Looks like the party girls shouldn’t have been at the bar as long as they did. Mike won his challenge with another drop of 8 pounds. Man this kid is really doing well. Sione went first and lost 6 pounds and then Mandi had to weigh-in. Big surprise, she actually gained 2 pounds and the blue team lost again.

Back to the room where Aubrey begged for Mandi to stay after Ron just nonchalantly said she needed to go. You see there’s a big alliance between Ron, Kristin and Cathy. They were with Bob from the start. They tried to get Laura to use the vote she had from the previous show, but in the end Mandi woke up and agreed that she should go. Lots of tears as the blue team lost another member.

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