The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 11 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 11

This week was very different since the show opened with the room just after Mandi left. Before they could get up, Alison told them that there was some more to that nights actions. The black team was brought into the room as well and she announced that someone else was going home. They all stood there with nervous looks and she then said they are all going home for this week. Everyone was very happy but there were also some feelings of doubt. The temptations would be many and the group still had to come back to the ranch and weigh-in when the week was over. Could they exist among their friends and family and still lose weight?

Each contestant arrived back at home and their families are amazed at how much weight they lost. The best was when Mike and Ron arrived home. They family still has a boy Max at home where he too is obese and he broke down and started to cry when he saw his brother. Mike promised to help him lose the weight when he got home for good. It was a touching moment and one where it’s hard to see a guy realizing that he’s been doing foolish things to himself for years.

Physical Challenge
The welcome home groups had just left each area and the door bell rang. Outside at the door was a round tall tin with the Biggest Loser logo on it. Inside there was a DVD and 13 huge sugar cookies. When they played the video, Alison was there to say that this week’s challenge was to do a half marathon which was just over 13 miles. Understand that this is episode 11 and just 10 weeks ago they all were the large bodies that had just arrived at the ranch. The one who had the fastest time in the race would win $10000, but for anyone that ate a cookie, they could add on a 5 minute time to a player of their choice. So the times don’t really mean anything until the cookies are counted. Many in the group said that Tara was the biggest threat so each was considering adding time to her. Right away Ron and Mike said they wouldn’t eat the cookies, Sione and Cathy as well. You didn’t know about the other until the count. Everyone but Ron finished the race and some did it in very good times for just having huge amounts of weight on them two and a half months ago. Mandi also ran with her sister even though she just got kicked off the previous week.


Back Home
This week was quite a challenge for most as well since they were among family members and friends. There were choices to make with their workout schedules since they were thrown right back into home life routine. There wasn’t any set time now to go to the ranch gym and they needed to work this out on their own.
Food was also a big challenge where shopping in the familiar area and eating at the same restaurants meant temptations after temptations. Ron and Mike were at a pizza restaurant with a huge amount of family and friends. There were pies spaced about every 2 feet raised high almost in their face. They opted for a salad. Helen was shopping with her husband in a polish market where there were tons of baked good s and sausages. She went for the vegetable aisle instead. I don’t want to say that these players may be doomed when they get back home, but when they had the chance to be on their own during the “luxury” win the week before, they failed miserably.

One of the moments at home this week was to get a feeling of where some of these individuals started. You could see early that Ron’s other kid was quite large, but Aubrey’s father topped out over 500 pounds. She tried to speak to him about losing weight and he mostly joked about it. I don’t see anything helping those that don’t want to help themselves.

Oh Helen
After they all came back to the ranch, Alison gathered them together to explain who won the marathon. Since they all did it at their home, they didn’t have an opportunity to see each others time. She explained that Sione and Tara were by far way ahead of everyone else and that one of them would win. Tara beat Sione by just over a minute, but Helen was the only one that ate a cookie to add to Tara’s time. Sione then won the $10000 by the penalty that Helen gave Tara. Seemed like a nasty thing to do and I’m sure Tara will remember this.

The numbers were surprising for some since there were still great numbers being pulled even after the group spent the week at home. Mike, Ron, Sione, Aubrey and Helen all lost over 5 pounds. The mother daughter team of Kristin and Cathy did not do as well as Cathy lost just a pound and Kristin gained a pound. In the end, the blue team lost the weigh-in again and was forced to send a player home.

Cathy did a similar thing as Mandi last week and offered up her position to keep her daughter there.

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    Ive been a huge fan of biggest loser for a long time. I just wish that i would get off the couch and stop myself from eating snacks during the show… its kind of like 2 steps forward, one step back!

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