The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 12 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 12

Tonight’s show starts with the group right after the elimination round. Kristin is still crying since her mother sacrificed herself so that she could stay. The black team members are lost as to why Aubrey wasn’t sent packing when she really had no alliance left. Now there are only three members of the blue team left and it things stay as they are, it doesn’t look good for their chances in the coming weeks.

Every Person for Themselves
No sooner did I write this last sentence when Alison got them all together to tell them that things are changing. This seems to be most prevalent theme this season since just when the players get used to the rules, NBC changes them.

The teams are completely gone now and each member competes as an individual. Shirts are brought out with the colors that each had when they started this season. Of the nine players left, there are still three teams intact, but this can only help for so long as they whittle down the players and eventually one teammate will have to turn on another.

Along with getting their shirt back, Alison tells them that they now have to choose the trainer that they will work out with until the end of the show. It’s much gnashing of teeth and crying but eventually they all sort it out and rationalize in their own mind who they want to work with. Tara, Mike, Helen and Laura picked Jillian. Kristin, Filipe, Sione, Ron and Aubrey chose Bob.

There was a moment when the shirts were given back when Alison brought out the original size for Mike and he has already lost 118 pounds at the ranch. The shirt now held him and Aubrey with room.

Physical Challenge: First Part
There are two parts to the challenge this week and it created some drama. Each person was assigned some blocks in front of them to signify the weight that they have already lost. They were to choose another person or persons to give their weight to be used for the second part of the challenge. The group was not told what the second part was, but that the winner would receive immunity for that weeks weigh-in.


There was a scale with each player’s name on it and one by one they got to stack the weight on someone else. Right before they started, Alison explained that if the game was over now, Tara would be declared the champion. Tara winced and had something to say about that. Kristin called it “let’s see how much everyone in the house hates you” game. Well they have a problem with Tara since she is a great player and they piled it up on her. She took this really personal, which I don’t blame her because of the way Helen cheated her out of $10,000 last week because of her cookie eating.

Tara started to cry and doubt why she was there as well as the stress she was taking on. Her teammate Laura went looking for her and just so happened to bring a camera and a sound crew. Laura convinced her that she was doing the right thing and that she just needed to continue on. Tara had threatened to walk off the show by throwing the weigh-in and sending herself home. In the end, Tara saw it Laura’s way and vowed to continue on.

Physical Challenge: Second Part
All of the contestants show up at the LA speedway. They introduce Clint Bowyer from NASCAR as he drives up in the Cheerios car (another Biggest Loser sponsor) and gives the group some motivation. The second part of the challenge had each person strapped to a car that was not running and they had to pull this car, loaded with the extra weight each dropped on them in the first part, down the speedway a half mile. First one to cross the finish line wins. Mike and Sione start out very quickly, maybe even a little too fast, and the rest fall in behind them. Slowly and steadily Tara keeps coming until in the end she passes them all and wins. She now has immunity for that night’s weigh-in again. I think this is the third time she’s won immunity. All those tears for naught.

Last Chance Workout
The last chance is not really different from any of the others and the show didn’t dwell on it much, but it was ironic that the players they talked to each wanted their trainer to kick their butt during it. I don’t think they would ask for that just a few months ago.

Well the record that everyone thought would be broken last week finally fell this week. Tara tried and came up a pound short, but Kristin became the first woman to lose 100 pounds at the ranch. Now there are 5 players that have lost 100 pounds and Tara is just a pound short.

At the end of the weigh-in Filipe and Aubrey were below the yellow line. Each went back to plead their case and at the end of the voting Aubrey was sent home.

They always do a look at the player that got sent home at the end of the show. This time it was different as Aubrey has gained 9 pounds since returning. This show may not help her at all and I’m positive that she’ll put the weight back on once this is all over.

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  1. ClintNo Gravatar says:

    You know, I did a post awhile back where I played Devil’s Advocate and suggested that this show, by showing people losing over 100 pounds in under two months, can actually work AGAINST those of us who are trying to lose weight while NOT living on a ranch where we have the time to dedicate every waking moment to weight loss.

    But I say that, and yet I watch the silly thing almost every week. Some of their tips are pretty useful, but the constant product placements get annoying. “You can chew Extra Sugar-Free gum while you cook to avoid grazing before meals.” But…but…does it also work with Trident?

  2. I say the same thing it really difficult to maintain your fitness ..needs lot energy , patience and deicated n sincerity…..and proper medication…will definetly make the impossible thing possible….for you

  3. Hi, Nice blog 🙂 By the way, I posted new great information about Getting In shape Fast!

  4. SetaiNo Gravatar says:

    This show always manages to motivate me to get off the couch and go jogging. I don’t know, there’s just something about watching people work hard and get results that’s extremely motivating.

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