The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 14 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 14

Game On
The show starts right where it left off the following week. Ron comes back and confronts Sione, Filipe and Helen on why they voted the way they did. Remember last week Nicole came back to the ranch after losing much weight at home. She received immunity for the weigh-in provided she didn’t fall below the yellow line. I don’t know what happened because when the cameras were on her she looked like she was pushing hard, but when she weighed-in she actually gained 5 pounds. Ron spent the week in the hospital and did no exercise at all and he also fell below the yellow line. So the choice should have been easy because Nicole hasn’t been with this group at all. Sione, Filipe and Helen each voted to send Ron packing and he was steamed. I guess he thought he would have been protected by his alliance with those three and it didn’t happen. Filipe had a right to be upset and vote to send Ron since Ron tried to kick off Filipe the previous week. Sione was just going along with his cousin and Helen had a bond with Nicole.

The game playing from here on out becomes critical as to who ends up in the final 3 spots with a chance to with the $250000.

Food Temptation
Next scene splits to Alison in the gym with about a hundred covered silver trays strewn about. The challenge for the group is that under one tray is a golden ticket (Willy Wonka reference) that allowed that person to have a single vote to send someone home that fell below the yellow line. The trays however all have edible items and if they pull the top on the tray they have to eat the calorie laden goodie underneath. The entire group attacks this challenge in a frenzy by flipping the top off and devouring the stuff. They actually almost get to the end before Laura comes up with the coveted prize.

This is a huge peak into the psyche of all involved and may give a clue as to how they will react to their new bodies once they get home and away from the supervision and scrutiny.


Once the temptation part of the night was getting done, in walked the trainers. When they saw what the group did they were furious. The reason for the anger was that they didn’t understand why they were there and when a simple temptation came along, they immediately grabbed at it. The whole game behind the temptation was to not get caught up in emotions but to learn to deal with things by thinking it all out. Both Jillian and Bob worked as a tag team on the entire group to beat them up in trainer mode for what they just did.

Physical Challenge
Everyone from the ranch was brought to the Rose Bowl and they were in awe. The challenge was that each one had to run the stairs of the stadium and the top two finishers had to do the same tasks again with the prize being a two week vacation for 4 at the Fitness Ridge resort in Utah. All of the group started out fine, but in the end of the first heat, the two playing for the prize was Sione and Tara. Doesn’t it always come down to these two? In the second heat, Tara did another slow and steady and won the event.

Walking and Talking
After the physical challenge, Sione, Filipe, Helen and Kristin were out walking at the ranch. Sometimes I think this is setup for the cameras. They all started to talk about Ron and how he is manipulating the players and he is the real one that controls the game. They asked Kristin if she could vote Ron off if he fell below the yellow line and she wouldn’t answer since she’s so afraid of him. Helen is trying to do her own game playing by having a private conversation with Laura and hedge her bets when it comes to the vote at weigh-in. Helen even went so far as to suggest Tara as the person the Laura sends home.

Last Chance Workout
The food temptation is still burning hot with Jillian. She decides to really push them as hard as she can in order to make them pay for the sins they committed. Tara looks to be taking this week off and it may have to do that she’s safe no matter how this all plays out. Jillian will be angry as all get out if Tara throws the weigh-in.

Sione is caught on everyone’s radar. He works out incredibly hard with Bob and actually sweats through two shirts during the last chance workout. Sione has some daemons to work through too since he’s still upset about another loss to Tara.

The weigh-in is much different this week as no alliance is really going to help. This one vote by Laura is the decider on how all of it will end. Helen, who was talking to Laura earlier, and Sione fall below the yellow line. Laura tries to be dramatic, but really had no connection to Sione so she sent him packing. With the look where they are today, and remember this is getting near the end of the game, Sione looks great. He’s down to 235 and has decided to be a certified trainer. He may be the one that wins the second prize of $100000.

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