The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 15 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 15

Since the number of players has dropped and the drama increased they’re starting each show right after the previous week’s player is sent home. This week starts the same and the camera is on Filipe and Kristin since they are part of Bob’s team and another player from that group went again. Last week was Sione and he left a note for Filipe telling him that he needed to continue to drop the weight since the entire nation of Tonga was tuned into what they had accomplished so far. Both Kristin and Filipe are tired that Bob’s team is taking the hit each week losing a player. They make a pact that it stops this week and someone from Jillian’s team is going home.

Physical Challenge
Everyone meets Alison in the mountains of greater Los Angeles. As they come in view of a canyon, they see cables strung from one side of the mountain to the other. The length stretches over 700 feet and the challenge this week is for each player to walk the cables from one side to the other. The player that crosses first wins a complete kitchen makeover along with a full stock of goods with a value of over $25000. The challenge starts and right away Ron drops off. He may have gone out about 40 feet, big whoop. If you notice Ron never attempts the challenge and immediately drops out, yet he’s the most vocal for who should stay and who should go. They’re also afraid of him that he has some god father image over them. I remember in past shows it didn’t matter if you won the challenge or not, you continued until you finished. The rest all went after this and Filipe and Tara battled to win. In the end, Tara won this for her 9th win of the physical challenges.


Makeover Week
When the group finished the challenge Alison told them that it was makeover week. This is where they get some new clothes and their hair styled to match their new bodies. The group walks in a Macy store and who is waiting for them but Tim Gunn from the Project Runway show. He then walks and talks with each one to get their personality and helps them select their outfit. Tim tells them that they have a special for them after their all dressed up and that’s they will attend a Hollywood movie premier. Tm went around and picked the clothes for each one and when they were standing there with the shopping bags he told them that each one got a gift card from Macys with a value of $1000. After leaving Macys, they went to get hair cut and styled from Tabatha Coffey who has a show on Bravo has called Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.

After the quaffing each comes out one at a time to meet a family member or friend to share their new look. One by one they come out and it’s emotional enough, but the tears really flow when Mike comes down the stairs to meet his mother and his brother Max. His brother cannot contain himself burst into tears. You feel bad for him because he’s a very big boy too, just like his father and Mike were when they started the show. Mike vows to help him get his weight under control just like he did when he returns.

The next scene is when they all head to the movies and find out the premier is about this year’s Biggest Loser. It shows where each one came from and how they looked when they started. This was another very emotional part of the show.

Last Chance Workout
The workout is very tough this week because they haven’t really been working out at all because of the makeover. Both trainers know that there is very little room for error especially when Sione went home last week losing four pounds. The scenes flip from Bob’s group to Jillian’s group and each one works their group out extremely hard.

Medical Issue
Jillian is with Laura and she’s been complaining about pain in her hip area. She’s been pushing really hard, but this is a little more just muscle pain. They meet with Dr. Huizenga where some x-rays were done that shows a stress fracture in her hip joint. Immediately she is shut down for 3 months which puts her in real jeopardy since the way they lose weight at the ranch is through physical exercise.

Each player now has the yips about weighing in because there are only seven players left and it doesn’t take much to fall below the yellow line. One record this week came when Mike lost five pounds and now has lost the most weigh ever at the ranch. It was touch and go with Filipe, but Kristin only lost two pounds and Laura actually gained so they were the two that fell below the line. Very emotional talk from Tara to keep Laura, but without her ability to do some exercise the group decides to send her home.

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  1. live healthyNo Gravatar says:

    Man, this was so obvious Laura had to go. Poor one, i liked her 🙁 Hope she´ll not give up and finally reach her weight goal…

  2. I agree too, Laura had to go… But am quite sure she’ll reach her target anyway.

  3. Saab DealersNo Gravatar says:

    sorry, but i dont agree with you guys… Laura is not the worst !

  4. Yes, nothing should stop Laura from reaching her goals, she’s learnt the basics to brush upon.

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