The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 16 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 16

The ranch is starting to get to everyone now. Sixteen weeks huddled away from friends and family while dropping piles of weight makes their mind start to think crazy thoughts. All the players left in this game have done a tremendous job on shedding weight so whoever goes next loses the grand prize. That’s the game they’re all tuned into now. The weight loss will come, but it’s just surviving until the end that’s the most important.

The show starts by following the six that are left after the voting last week. Tara is crying and so distraught that Laura got voted off that she shuns everyone and runs to her room. Jillian comes back to see how Tara is doing and puts it to her that she’s not crying for Laura, she’s feeling sorry for herself because there’s no one to protect her if she falls below the yellow line. Jillian tells her that she needs to take this game and do her absolute best from here on out.

The Biggest Loser Fitness and Food Trivia Game
The whole group goes into a room that’s setup with podiums and a TV screen. Alison is there with the main person in charge of research for Good Housekeeping. They are about to play a trivia game with foods. The winner of this game gets a three day paid visit to New York Good Housekeeping headquarters. There are 4 questions about foods and calories and the one who answers the most correct questions wins. Kirstin and Mike end up in the lead after the four questions and have to do a tie breaker. Mike gets the answer closer than Kristin and wins the trip.

Physical Challenge
For this week’s challenge the players are put into what looks like cages suspended 45 feet above the ground. They have a rope that hold the cage upright and each has to hold their own weight to keep the cage from dropping. The one that holds the longest wins either $10,000 or a one pound reduction at weigh-in. Mike drops almost right away since he’s just not too fond of heights. Ron drops next and this is yet another challenge that he barely stayed with. Filipe after trying to psyche out the women also falls so the three men are done. Kristin holds on for over an hour and then she drops. Helen tries to bargain with Tara over the money, but Tara will have none of it. I don’t think she forgot the money she lost when Helen ate some cookies to keep her from winning the half-marathon. In the end Tara wins again for the 5th time in a row.


Last Chance Workout
The last chance is brutal now as each one is pushed harder than most professional athletes. Bob puts Kristin and Filipe on treadmills and pushes them to level 10 for two minutes. He also has them working on rowing machines and doing pull-ups. While this is going on Ron just works out a little on his own. I believe that he loses his weight because he was so large to start with. He’s still over 300 pounds where most are approaching 200.

Jillian pushes Tara, Helen and Mike and this week he gets mad because he feels that Jillian pushed him too hard. She however talks to him about the family and how they all were overweight and tries to make Mike see that his father held a lot of blame for that.

Family Issues
After Mike’s talk with Jillian he goes in to confront his father. He asks why the entire family got so large and why there was nothing to stop it. Ron tells his son that he absolutely has the right to be angry and has no good excuse on why this family disrespected food so much. Even Mike’s mother was big, but decided to do something about it over five years ago. They promised each other that they would work on Max when this show is over.

At the start of the weigh-in Tara was asked if she was going to take the money or the one pound advantage. She opted for the money and this is the first time that a player took the cash when enticed with this offer.

Tara was then the first to weigh-in and she lost 5 pounds this week. Ron set his own milestone by losing 4 pounds and dropping below 300 for the first time in his life since he was a teenager. Mike goes next drops another big number, 8 pounds. This kid has lost over 150 pounds in fifteen weeks. Helen steps on the scale and dropped just a pound. She really doesn’t have a lot more to drop so it’s hard for her to do big numbers from here on out. Filipe has to lose more than 3 pounds to stay above the yellow line but he drops just 3. Kristin goes last and she really pushed herself this week, but actually gains a pound. So both she and Helen are up for elimination this week.

They both plead their case and Kristin even meets with Ron to see if he’ll keep his promise to Kristin’s mother and not vote to send her home. Now right after Kristin asks for him to talk to Mike about the same thing and Ron does his game master, god father thing by setting the voting. He knows that Tara will vote to send Kristin home and that Filipe will vote to keep Kristin there. So if he keeps his promise and votes to send Helen, all Mike has to do is vote to send Kristin and it becomes a tie. The tie breaker is the one that lost the least from the two up for elimination. It works out exactly how he wants it and Kristin is sent home.

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  1. Fitness GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Great synopsis. Could you believe that the pizza had eight portions for a 7 inch pizza? a bit excessive.

    Also, Kristen was sure mad about getting kicked out. Do you really think that she was the one that was Mikes biggest competition? This was a good episode and I can’t wait for the finale in a couple of weeks. These last two seasons of Biggest Loser have really merged themselves into one long season in my house

  2. JayNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the recap! I missed this weeks episode as my boyfriend is in the hospital for a perforated ulcer. No advil or ibuprofen guys – it really tears your stomach.

    Anyways, GO FILIPE!!!

  3. Clep TestNo Gravatar says:

    sure he blew his tummy out on the first shot but he probably was worried that he wouldn’t lose much weight and thought that he’d just have to breathe in on the last shot….lucky for him he did better than he could have dreamed of. Good on him.

  4. Excellent re-account of the series. I wonder how this will all end.


  5. Joane SisleerNo Gravatar says:

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  6. Trivia GirlNo Gravatar says:

    For the most part the season has been entertaining. Some interesting personalities.

  7. Great to see how other TV shows are emulating this popular program.

  8. A Great Show TV And Hope He Feel Better I Miss Plezzzz Rewind.

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