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Down to Four
When the show left off last week Filipe had just left and they followed him home to show how things were going. Tonight they pick up where Filipe had just left and Allison announces to them that they are now to go home and come back in thirty days for a final weigh-in before the grand finale. They all have cameras follow them home and when they arrive they are greeted by a huge crowd. It seems that many people have been following this group during their weight loss journey. As each gets their turn to talk to the people they explain the twist that they must go back for a weigh-in before the live weigh-in.

There’s a montage on each one from where they were to where they are today and it’s quite dramatic on how their physical shape has changed. The next scene has them explaining how they used to live before. Mike talks about sneaking fast food on a five minute drive home. He never did any exercise and kept bouncing from one fast food place to another. He even worked at one while in high school. Helen goes over the clothes she has in her closet and is in tears of how bad things had gotten. She even holds up a pair of quite large pants and asks her husband if these are his. It must have made him feel great too. No he tells her, those are the pants she used to ware. She explains that she used to stay in her home or if she did go out, would hide behind people. Ron looks back at his size and tells of how he was always overweight, but takes the blame for what he did to his two boys. He never wants to go back again and vows to help Max his son lose weight too. Tara is just fraught with fear that she’ll go back to her old ways. She wonders if she can rely on her friends for help.

Present from The Biggest Loser
There is another mini-commercial within the show when Tara reveals that the entire kitchen makeover from Jennie-O she won for dangling on some lines over a ravine in a previous challenge.

Four days into this time at home, each one of them get a circular box dropped off at their doorstep. Inside there is a DVD video from Allison telling them about the physical challenge that each will have to run a full marathon after arriving back at the ranch. Ron, Mike and Helen all kind of get nuts about this, but Tara didn’t seem fazed at all.


Trainers Make Surprise Visit
Jillian gets the honor of visiting Michigan to see Mike as well as Helen and then New York for Tara. When she stops off with Mike she finds him in the gym working out with his brother Max. She’s there to get Mike up to speed on where his is at home and then sits down to have a talk with him. He tries to explain about training his brother while keeping his eye on the prize, but Jillian talks to him about coming to grips that his father did this to the boys, but he needed to fix it.
When Jillian visits Tara, she goes to her room and it looks like a hurricane has hit it. She has clothes and junk all around and is telling Jillian about coming to grips with her life and is scared about going back to her old self. She is almost manic in the way she approaches things and Jillian tells her to reach a balance with eating, exercise and everyday living.

Next she visits Helen in another part of Michigan and meets her in a diner. Later they go home and Helen is freaking out about her food preparation as well as her workouts. Jillian tells her just like Tara that she needs to find a balance in their lives.

Bob drops in on his only player Ron and wants to workout with him. He convinces Max to come along and gets him in such a workout he ends up puking. After Bob’s beating on Max they check out a regular meal that he usually eats. Bob talks to him about nutrition and it looks like it’s sinking in with him.

Physical Challenge
They show the group back at the ranch now with Allison ready to start them on their way to run the marathon. She tells them that if they finish, they win $10,000 for their favorite charity. We find out just before the break that Mike has hurt himself while training and can do nothing but walk. Every one of them has some doubt on their ability to run this, but off they go and initially Helen and Tara start out running together while Mike and Ron follow behind walking. At mile four each one is greeted by a friend or relative to go along with them awhile. Tara and Ron have a friend meet them and Mike has Max show up to support him while Helen has her husband. A few miles in and they need to drop off so they all continue to go on. As they continue, they are met by Ali, Michelle and Bernie from previous seasons to coax on each player. Ron falls behind and sits down to rest at mike five. His heart is racing and his blood pressure is elevated. It’s almost enough to take Ron to the hospital, but Dr. Huizenga shows up and asks Ron if he can go on. He does so they all continue. The end of the race now shows and Tara of course comes in first. Helen is about an hour behind and she finishes. Mike continues to walk and reaches the finish. Ron is now way back on the course, but slowly and steadily he continues into the dark and finishes the marathon too. Every one of them won the check for their charity.

Tara says that this is the one weigh-in you want to be in. It’s the final one before the grand finale and only two of them are guaranteed a spot in the final. The other two that fall below the yellow line need a vote from America to see who else is included in the weigh-in.

Ron goes first and loses 10 pounds. This is good and he has now dropped over 150 pounds since this started. Mike follows his father and he too lost 10 pounds. He doesn’t feel that this is good enough for an entire month at home. Helen goes next and drops 7 pounds, but since she’s lost so much already, she has a bigger percent of weight loss. She’s automatically in the final. Tara needs to lose 7 pounds to make the finale and she drops 10. Both of the ladies are in with Ron and Mike sitting on the outside with their fate in America’s hands.

Video recap By Pete Thomas, winner of $100,000 on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’, from Winning Man.

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