The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 19 Grand Finale

Helen Biggest Loser Couples Season 7 Winner After Photo Pic
Well it’s been 18 weeks of the show and about five months of real time for these contestants. This is the final of all the hard work they put in while at the ranch and for many just from home. The following weigh-in is in two parts where the first part is those that got kicked from the show and they get a chance to win $100,000. The second part is the grand prize of $250,000 that is only open to the final 3 players.

The show starts with a look back to all the players where they each repeat the word “can’t” on why they got to the size they did. The next part was the reveal of how the final four players did and to see America’s choice between Ron and Mike. It was sort of anticlimactic because Mike was picked as the overwhelming choice. It looked like Ron got everything in the game he wanted, even the final vote.


At this final they showed two contestants for the next upcoming season. One will get to be on the show, the other just goes home as America votes for this too. While the weigh-in show is going on, Bob and Jillian get them involved in a training session to start their weight loss. I’m sure they are just thrilled about this.

This is the ironic part of this whole season where the winner of the players that were eliminate turns out to be the player that was sent home first. Jerry ended up losing 47.97 % of his body weight to take home the $100,000 prize.

The final was tight with all three looking athletic and healthy. Mike dropped over 200 pounds and now is at 181 Lbs dropping 53.35% of his heaviest weight. Helen lost 54.47% of her starting weight and is now a tiny 117 Lbs. Tara needed to lose more than 160 pounds to win this season and finally fell short by losing 155 Lbs. She still dropped 52.72% of her starting weight, but Helen is the season 7 Biggest Loser.

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  1. MikeNo Gravatar says:


    I am not clear how long (months) these people diet for – from the begining to the end? I am under the impression it is a total of 6 months.

    I have never seen the show but find it really interesting. I imagine all the “experts” are not to thrilled with the producers. Diets really are a personal journey, aren’t they.

    Thanks for you help

  2. AnthonyNo Gravatar says:

    After seeing that finale, I sure as hell have no more excuses. If the old guy can lose all that weight in 5 months or so, I’m definitely not doing enough!

  3. I love this show. It has inspired me!

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