The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 3 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 3

joelle from the biggest loser season 7 gray team

Joelle Causing Drama
Tonight the drama got turned up from the previous two Biggest Loser shows. Joelle from the gray team is really getting on the other contestants last nerves. She has been at the bottom of the weigh-in each week and is demonstrating that she is a weak player.

The Temptation
The one thing that got most of the rest of the players was the temptation this week, where each person was offered pizza, fried chicken nuggets, tacos and cupcakes to consume. The players at home were given the same challenge and the team that devoured the most calories was offered a trip back home to workout with their partner trained by Bob Harper. Well, Mandi ate a piece of pizza to try to get home and see her kids. All the other teams at the ranch ate nothing. The game switches to the player at home and Sione of the blue team pounded down two pieces of pizza and a cupcake to take the lead. Now Joelle’s partner Carla ate over 2000 calories of junk food and they won the challenge. Bob went to Detroit and trained both of the gray team. While there Carla gave a ton of attitude and challenged Joelle that she just wasn’t doing her part. From my point, she doesn’t seem motivated enough for the show.

The Challenge
The challenge for this week was the ability to jump over a rotating movable bar without breaking it. The winner received immunity for the night’s weigh-in. Two girls Tara and Kristin went 2 hours and 19 minutes jumping the bar where Tara ended up winning. That was an incredible feat of strength and endurance.

The Weigh-In


Team Color

Starting Weight from Beginning

Starting Weight Tonight

Lost Tonight

Total Now Percent Lost Total Lost So Far



365 Lbs

335 lbs


323 lbs 4.21 %


42 lbs



412 Lbs

378 lbs


360 lbs

52 lbs



364 Lbs

338 lbs


324 lbs

4.14 %

40 lbs



454 Lbs

421 lbs


406 lbs

3.56 %

48 lbs



263 Lbs

245 lbs


237 lbs

3.27 %

26 lbs



388 Lbs

359 lbs


348 lbs

2.68 %

40 lbs



430 Lbs

386 lbs


377 lbs  

53 lbs



257 Lbs

237 lbs


231 lbs

2.53 %

26 lbs



360 Lbs

331 lbs


324 lbs

2.11 %

36 lbs

Tara (Immunity)


294 Lbs

272 lbs


264 lbs


30 lbs

Below the Yellow Line



309 Lbs

294 lbs


288 lbs

2.04 %

21 lbs



381 Lbs

355 lbs


351 lbs

1.13 %

30 lbs

The Vote-Off
The vote to send the player home was a bazaar one last night. Joelle is not a motivated player and based upon personality, you would think that they made an easy decision to send her home. However, that’s not what happened and those that train with Jillian voted to send Damian home which made it a tie and because he lost the least amount of weight by percentage last night, he went home. Now, I do think that the people forget that this is a game and by keeping the weaker player, the person who stays gets an easy road to the final prize of $250,000. Tonight they may have gotten it right, but who knows how this plays out next week. I won’t forget that they did this on fear and intimidation last season to keep Vicky hanging around until the final.

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  1. Tom RooneyNo Gravatar says:

    No comments yet, and I thought this was a good review. 🙂

  2. The pizza temptation is a killer for sure.

  3. farmwifeNo Gravatar says:

    I so love Pete! What a cool guy.

    I thought it was really interesting that they sent Damien home. Glad to see he and his fiancee are doing so well – I’d love to see them make a good showing at the finale.

    I felt bad for Mandi this week. She had a major pity party, and she did it on national TV. Sigh. She really isn’t like that – but I think it all just caught up to her. I know that some members of her family are flat out PO’d that she’s been gone doing this and I think she probably has a lot of guilt heaped on her because of it. I hope we get to see a better side of her. I know her best friend said that Mandi’s whole attitude has changed now and she is just super focused. I can’t wait to see!

    Okay, I’ve been at this computer long enough and it’s time for me to get to MY workout! 🙂

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      Yep, Pete is pretty cool. I think the producers focus on certain things each week, and think week was Mandi’s turn. lol.

  4. Liam BerlinNo Gravatar says:


    I am from Germany, and such shows do not exist here, although obesity exist but not as much as in your country.

    I think it is very sad to make business out of people´s health porblems and create such content on TV.

    Anyway, I am ready to listen to your comments and debate about it!


    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      Even if the show inspires one person to get healthier, and in turn inspire one more person, then the show is successful. This world is based on making money from peoples problems…

  5. MarlonNo Gravatar says:

    It is funny that you say this. I am a big fan of the show, but sometimes when I watch to show and see all the game play I feel the same way. To me it should be the person that lost the lease weight that week should go.

  6. Pizza is usually not the temptation for me. It’s ice cream.

  7. farmwifeNo Gravatar says:

    The secret to ice cream are the 40 calorie Fudgecicles I tell ya!

    As far as making money off of people’s health problems – yeah I guess they do. They also inspire an awful lot of people to get off their butts and DO something about their health, so it’s not all a bad thing.

  8. I love pizza, that temption is very tough to avoid completely. Moderation won’t kill you though.

  9. I couldn’t live without pizza!

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