The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 4 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 4

SuperBowl Week
Ok, last night the group was working on being reunited with the partner that went home. Looking back, the 1st week all the teams split up and one member went home while the other member stayed at the ranch. The group that was at the ranch had Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels as trainers to whip their bodies back in shape. All of those that went home had to work out with the same effort as those on the ranch.

The Challenge
The food challenge this week was tied into the SuperBowl (amazing that the big game is on NBC and so is this show)where the contestants had to guess how many calories were in some tailgate snacks. Dan won the challenge where it was a two pound pass bonus that his teammate David could use when they all weighed in again. David doesn’t seem to be doing so well, but celebrity chef Curtis Stone went to his home to help him prepare food. It wasn’t entirely said, but I would think that the young guys never did any cooking before. Curtis showed David how to prepare some chicken with a green salad.

A bit of a special moment was also on this show this week where Blaine was allowed to go back home for the birth of his son.
The physical challenge also had the NFL flavor with guest Curt Warner, and you know this was filmed early because there was no mention of the Arizona Cardinals with their quarterback (Mr. Warner) in the game this year. They had to run sprints and gather footballs and put them in a bin in order to eliminate one of the other players. Immunity was the option where anyone that got it was guaranteed that their teammate from home was definitely coming back next week. The drama still is there with Joelle as she is one of the last two left. The light just can’t be pulled back from this lady. In the end, Helen won the challenge and made it that Shanon her daughter would join her next week.

Product placement and mini commercials are the norm this season. Showing small groups how to eat by counting calories was the message.

The last chance workout was had a wonderful moment when Jillian pushed Dan to meat a goal she set when he kept trying to pull off from doing it. It was touching to see this kid get the message and achieve the 5 minute run on the treadmill.

The Weigh-In
All of the players were brought to the ranch for this week’s weigh-in, yep including the group that went home. Sione of the blue team looked like he did the best at home. Two teams (Orange and Brown) fell below the yellow line and it just so happened that the two youngest competitors were in the group where one was going home. Dan went home this week and Dave just showed up to go with him. There was always the eventuality that Dan would go home. They both are trying from home and Dan has lost 101 pounds so far.


Team Color

Starting Weight from Beginning

Starting Weight Tonight

Lost tonight

Total Now

Percent Lost

Total Lost So Far



294 Lbs

264 Lbs


252 Lbs


42 Lbs



263 Lbs



227 Lbs


36 Lbs



364 Lbs

324 Lbs


311 Lbs


53 Lbs



365 Lbs

323 Lbs


312 Lbs





412 Lbs

360 Lbs


345 Lbs





360 Lbs

324 Lbs


312 Lbs


48 Lbs



309 Lbs

288 Lbs


278 Lbs


31 Lbs



257 Lbs

231 Lbs


225 Lbs


32 Lbs

the Yellow Line



454 Lbs

406 Lbs


394 Lbs


60 Lbs



388 Lbs

348 Lbs


339 Lbs


49 Lbs



430 Lbs



370 Lbs

60 Lbs

Well, so many of you were stuck on Dan and he’s no longer there. Who now is the next one you’re routing for to win it all?

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  1. Those were some big losses this week. I’m rooting for Tara and I was hoping Joelle would get eliminated. It’s too bad the guy who needed this the most is gone. I hope he stays motivated. Can’t wait to see him at the end.

  2. Wow… Losing over 5 lbs in one day isn’t healthy at all! I hope these people will be able to keep off the weight they lost (granted that it’s not all water-loss).

  3. keyNo Gravatar says:

    Wow… Losing over 5 lbs in one day isn’t healthy at all! I hope these people will be able to keep off the weight they lost (granted that it’s not all water-loss).

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