The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 5 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 5

Home Comes Back to the Ranch
This week the group got much larger (16 contestants) since the players that were sent home to lose weight came back to the ranch after their 30 day banishment. Remember, even though they have 16 players now, they are still united by the team concept. You know, the title is The Biggest Loser Couples.

There were some that did wonderful, like Sione of the blue team and Carla of the Silver, and there were some that did not do well at home. They were weighed in right away to see how they did while working out at home and that was their starting weight for the team weigh-in at the end of a week’s stay. Sione won immunity since he lost the biggest percent of weight while working out at home.

This is part of some bonus video on NBC and it’s a little funny to see where people’s heads are at just a week earlier. Here’s a video of Carla and Joelle make a pledge to put things behind them and start fresh this week.

Physical Challenge
The group was brought to an area that looked like an aqueduct where the team members were tied together and had to go around a cylinder that was wrapped in rope and needed to get enough slack until they could cross the finish line some 300 yards away. The challenge had a twist that the winners were offered $5000 or a two pound advantage. We’ve seen in the past that the 2 pounds can make a huge difference. The yellow team of sisters, Mandi and Aubrey won. They took the pounds instead of the money, but when you look at the chart they didn’t need to.


Immediately right after the win there was the mini commercial with a quick bowl of Cheerios featuring Jillian and the black team. These things kill me.

Last chance started out with Jillian and she worked on the psyche of some of the members and talked about why they were there and how the player needed to go for it all.

Bob’s group was working out hard again except for Joelle. She was just walking around while the rest of the group were killing themselves on the treadmills, weights, bikes, etc.

The Weigh-In
The numbers were unbelievable this week where only 5 of the player lost less than 9 pounds and the largest loser was Laura where she dropped 13 pounds after only one week at the ranch. In all the seasons, I don’t remember everyone doing these very high numbers. Of course not everyone did so well, but it surely wasn’t a surprise. Joelle lost zero pounds and you can see that her lack of a workout effort with no intensity made the scale tell the truth.

There was hardly any discussion as every player had no use for Joelle and her air-head excuses any longer. The whole group voted to toss Joelle and it just worked out that her teammate Carla went with her. I feel bad for Carla since she knows that she lost out on a wonderful opportunity to do some serious weigh loss by staying.

Game player note: I think that this may be a mistake if you take the game and the final prize as the reason to send someone home. When it comes to winning the cash, you want to keep the weakest player right up to the end. The brown team will get it together and be a big player in the end. They should have sent them home and kept inept Joelle and Carla.

Joelle and Carla discuss their faults after being eliminated. I just get the sense that Joelle never really got the gist of this program.

After their discussion, there was a cut back to the players as they are today and Joelle and Carla haven’t spoken since they left the ranch. I doubt that Joelle will show up for the final weigh-in.

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