The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 6 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 6

100 Episodes and 15,000 Lbs
This night starts the 100th episode of The Biggest Loser, where over 15,000 pounds have been lost to date. This is just the 7th season and that’s some serious weight loss.

The episode started with the brown team taking a look at why their loss kinda slowed down and that busting 10,000 a day may have mixed their metabolism up. Later they were talking to Bob and found out that they needed to actually eat more to kick the metabolism in.

Pop Challenge
Right at the start of the show, Alison got everyone to follow her outside by the pool. The teams were told that they would compete in a “pop challenge” where they needed to balance on one foot on a brick and they had to stay that way until they put their other foot down. The one that stayed on the longest won the ability to have someone they love stay at the ranch for 24 hours.

It was much harder than the group originally thought and within 5 minutes it was down to just 4 contestants. Now it started a head game and Mandi asked the others to step off so she could see her husband. I still think this woman is a bit selfish to think she is the only one that is missing someone from home. I get the feeling that she’s a bit full of herself. When Mandi and the group sat around discussing the challenge and win with Jillian she thought it was a bad idea since her focus and Mandi’s husband wasn’t right for where she was at now and would be a distraction.


The food review for this week was where Bob took his group to Subway for lunch, but they had to walk there and it was 5 miles, one way. When they got to the restaurant he explained that a half sandwich, fruit and milk was only 550 calories vs. the 1,500 calories you consumed by eating a burger, fries and a shake.

Physical Challenge
In the evening the teams were to hold a bar over their head and they needed to rely on their teammate to work with them. If one of them dropped the bar too low it would touch a cross bar in the middle of them and light a light and they’d be out. The winning team would get immunity for this week’s weigh-in which is starting to become huge. All three of the mens teams went out first. The game went on over 4 and 1/2 hours and it was also very cold for those that remained. It ended up with the green team of Tara and Laura going against the purple team of Kristin and Cathy. Kristin and Cathy won and got immunity for this week’s weigh-in.

The last chance workout focused on the brown team for Bob this week. He thought if they fell below the yellow line again, they would be gone. He also felt that they wouldn’t work out the correct way and go right back to where they were.

Jillian’s team showed that they had to work from early morning until evening. She finally got to Aubrey and having her sister with her family was too much for her and she broke down.

Mandi didn’t work out with the rest of the team since she spent 24 hours with her husband and kids which she deemed more important. I still don’t understand why she’s on this show. The homesickness she’s feeling far outweighs (no pun intended) her ability to focus on the game.

One team fell below the yellow line and the rest of the teams voted to kick off one member of the team bellow the line. Oh and by the way it’s a good thing the Purple team won immunity. They would have been going home with their poor showing.

The black team was below the yellow line and one player was going to go home and split up the team. Well it finally happened that the game playing was going on and there was a split down the lines of those trained by Bob and those by Jillian. In the end Blaine was sent home.

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