The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 7 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 7

Pop Challenge or Be Careful What Youu Win
Right at the start of the show, Alison met everyone on their way to the gym for their morning workout. She had another pop challenge for them. This is new this year and looks like it just started last week. When you looked, the gym was padlocked with two chains around the doors and one lock on each chain. The entire group working as teams would have to hike up a hill near the gym, select one key from a board with I’d say over 50 keys, come back down the hill and see if the key you selected worked. Now, if the key opened the padlock, that team would get full use of the gym for the week. Any team that did not find the key were locked out of the gym and had to work out outside instead of using the machines. After much up and down the hill eventually the pink team (made up of mother and daughter Helen and Shanon) and the brown team(made up of father and son Ron and Mike) found the keys to open the locks and won the right to work out in the gym.

After the pop challenge the two groups split up with their trainers and explained what just happened. However, just before the explanation Bob asked who was sent home from the black team last week where he pushed his group to send Dane. They told him that they sent Blaine instead since he asked to go. Bob was not happy since they didn’t take the game playing serious. I don’t think this group is in the cut throat mode like the teams from the 6th season.


Now after the disappointment from the groups blunder, they told Bob about the pop challenge and that they had to work outside this week. It didn’t seem to bother Bob and he went right into setting up things to do outdoors. Jillian didn’t take the news all that great. She hates working outside and had her group move the furniture around so that they could use the lobby as a mini gym, just with no machines.

There was a cut to the pink team where Helen and Shanon were working out in the gym, and I could say that I’m using that term loosely. They spent a good amount of time gloating about winning the gym use and even mocked the others by setting up a table and chairs for fruit and water breaks. They also hung signs such as “Members Only” on the door for the other to see. I don’t remember seeing the brown team do anything foolish during their gym time.

Physical Challenge
The groups were brought out to an area that had rowing machines attached to light poles. The challenge was that each team had to row and pull with enough momentum to keep the light poles lit green while rowing. If they slowed down it went into a warning time of yellow before it turned red. Once red, both members of the teams were out. The winner received immunity from elimination for that night’s weigh-in. This was a very hard challenge and in the end the two teams it came down to were green (Laura and Tara) and black (Dane). Dane ended up winning and Laura burst into tears by thinking she let Tara down.

The Weigh-In
Each team weighed in and it shows that they are really losing some weight now. After they got done, the pink team fell below the yellow line and one of them had to go home. When they got back to the area to talk about who was going home, Helen said that they discussed this between the both of them and that Shanon could do better at home. Wow, a little selfish on old Helen’s part. It’s always easier to lose at the ranch then at home and Helen has been there from the beginning. In the end they granted the wish of Helen and Shanon was sent home. Of course the irony is that one of the two teams that got to use the gym all week fell below the yellow line.

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    They told him that they sent Blaine instead since he asked to go. Bob was not happy since they didn’t take the game playing serious. I don’t think this group is in the cut throat mode like the teams from the 6th season.

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