The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 8 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 8

President Obama addressed Congress so the show was 2 one hour segments instead of the usual two hours.

Pop Challenge and Blue vs. Black
A major change on how the show will be game will be played happens right away. Alison announces that all the colors they have worn to this point are no longer OK, they will become 2 distinct teams from here on out. Now one of the caveats to this was that the teams would be decided by a flip of a coin. Half of the group would be on the black team (trained by Jillian) and the other half on the blue team (trained by Bob).

The challenge was doing up downs in the mud (laying down on their stomach and getting up to standing and hitting a paddle above their head). The first person to win got their choice of trainer. The person that came in last was guaranteed to be split up with their teammate. Each of the groups that made up the two person team had to device which member of their duo was to take on this challenge as only one member competed.

Tara, who’s becoming a real big threat to everyone, won the challenge and she got the right to choose who she trained with. She chose Jillian and become part of the black team. Jillian’s team picked up Tara, Laura, Sione, Filipe, Helen and Mike. Bob’s team picked up Mandi, Aubrey, Kristen, Cathy, Dane and Ron. So all the inside game playing doesn’t even matter now because the teams are split with even the father and son team going in separate directions.


There was major dram from this move as many players were upset. Filipe and Sione and Helen did not want to leave Bob and Mandi and Aubrey didn’t want to change from Jillian. I don’t think Mike really made this an issue at all. Bob even broke down and started to cry with the change in groups. They will survive though and each will continue to lose weight. There may be some problems in future episodes, but life goes on.

Physical Challenge
This week there was a grueling physical challenge which turned out to be the longest challenge in the shows history. Each team was to ride a stationary bike for 24 hours. The teams decided how long and which order to ride before giving way to the next rider. Winner was the team with the most miles at the end of the twenty four hours and their prize was a 3 pound advantage for their team at weigh-in. This season brings out some strange stuff where Mandi tried to get both groups to just give up with nine hours left in the challenge. Sione wouldn’t let her and said that he was here for everything and it was too easy to just give up. So they continued all the way to the end of the challenge.

Pop Quiz
This was a quiz on food products where each team had to answer questions from prevention magazine. The black team won and got a trip to a resort for 3 days. Of course it will be after the show is over.

The teams are now blue vs. black and they are competing against each other for the right to get to the end and win the $250000.00 grand prize. At the end of the weight-in the team that lost the least percent of weight had to send one of their players home. Immunity was given to the one player that lost the biggest percent on the team and could not be sent home. Weights are listed below.

The first group decision was tough and the in-fight had started. Ron, having lost only 5 pounds said that Dane needed to go since he had a good partner system at home. He was upset and I could see why since he pulled the most weight and would keep the blue team in it. My feeling was that Aubrey has only lost 38 pounds total since the beginning of this game and doesn’t seem to pull her weight (no pun intended). In the end the team voted to send Dane. He was a threat, but not to that team. He was needed to keep them in it, and I think they will miss his numbers.

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    It’s interesting how popular these shows are. There’s also proof that people who see a financial incentive for weight loss are more likely to be successful.

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