The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 9 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 9

After sending Dane home last week there are eleven players left. I want to reiterate last week’s stance that this was a huge mistake because they needed a strong player to get your team to the end. Without him the blue team will be picked off one by one. There are nine weeks to go after this episode and Sione looks like the one to beat now. I do think that Tara is a tough player too. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were among the last three standing for the final weigh-in.

Pop Challenge
Rocco Dispirito (also had a reality show on NBC “The Restaurant”) was there to show everyone how much foolish stuff there is in fast food. He looked at a typical cheeseburger, pizza and stuffed burrito and put up the staggering calorie count, sodium and grams of fat that really made you take notice. The challenge here was for the two teams to make a healthy cheeseburger, pizza and stuffed burrito with a lot less calories, sodium and fat, but it also had to taste good. The groups struggled with the time limit and the ovens, but ended up with their creations. The black team won with a better burger.

1st Hour Workouts
Bob took his team to a 24 hour fitness facility (one of the show’s sponsors) to do a workout away from the campus. When the group walked through the doors, Sugar Ray Leonard was there doing shadow boxing. Ray showed them a new workout and had them really sweating by doing some simple boxing technique.


Jillian worked out with her team and focused on Sione by really pouring on the exercise. She can get vicious with the way she pushes, but her teams get results and the last 3 winners were trained by her. During a particular exercise with his feet on a bench, Sione came down hard and rolled his ankle and got a level one sprain.

Food Bank Challenge
This year the show teamed up with the food back where NBC and General Mills are donating food for every pound lost. The two teams were brought to a food bank center where they had to assemble food kits and stack 150 of them in a semitrailer. The teams split up from the assembly line to the warehouse and moved the items from one area to the other. The challenge was the team to load their trailer first won a year’s worth of food from General Mills. Again, the black team won the challenge and they are starting to pour on the bravado. It’s getting under the skin of the blue team (I told you they would miss Dane) too. The real donation came after the winning where Mike gave his prize to Aubrey. He shows a great sense of balance in his world and should do well long after this show is over.

Last Chance Workout
Mandi can really bug me sometimes with her me attitude. She’s crying to bob about “what if I don’t lose the weight and I’ll get sent home”. He told her to worry about things that she can control and the rest will take care of itself.

Jillian was hounding Laura this week by humiliating her and asking the other members who the weakest part of the team was. One by one they answered Laura. I don’t know about her tactics sometimes, but she has trained the last 3 winners of this show. In the end they talked and agreed to try it again.

The Weigh-In
The theme of this week was sharing and the weigh-in was different because it wasn’t the team against team method, it was where all of them had to combine to lose 77 pounds (that’s 11 contestants losing a pound a day) and if they reached that goal, everyone was safe and no one was going home. Now if they didn’t lose 77 pounds, a player from each team would be sent packing. Everyone weighed in and there was 68 pounds lost with just Mike to weigh-in.

To be continued……

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