The Biggest Loser did not Dissappoint

Kae from the Biggest LoserFinally back on the air, The Biggest Loser lived up to the hype. I loved every minute of it. Almost all of the contestants lost staggering amounts of weight. It was pretty amazing, but considering that all they do all day is have time to workout, it should be expected.

I have become accustomed to seeing a large weight loss during the shows first weigh-ins since the first week is always a big week, especially for the guys. It’s not really realistic to think you would be able to lose that much weight. No one should be aiming to lose that much weight that rapidly. It just doesn’t seem healthy.


The stand out for me was Kae (pictured to the left). She lost a whopping 20 lbs! Keep in mind that she is only 5 foot 2 inches tall. Yep. Amazing. She was 225 lbs to start. Other cool things on the show were plane pulling and the black teams workouts. The black team is having some vicious workouts dished out upon them by Jilllian Michaels, who is back after missing last season. She has them running up hills, flipping tires, and carrying sand bags. I was getting boot camp flash backs.

All in all, this was an excellent first episode for The Biggest Loser.

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  1. johnNo Gravatar says:

    Kae was good, and given her military background it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she loses 110 pounds if she stays in it.

    But the obvious shock was Jerry – first that he won the race and then that he has the biggest one week loss in biggest loser history with 31 pounds, and he only started at what, 295? Damn, that’s where I started! It should take me 6 months or more to lose that, if I can.

    It’s just weird that you couldn’t tell and apparently nobody else could either because they seemed worried about whether he would make the 6 pound drop they needed for the blue team to win.

    Should be a great season

  2. JessieNo Gravatar says:

    well shit, I missed the first episode!!!

    31 pounds in ONE WEEK? Holy fuck, that’s insane. The first week weight loss on this show is always extremely high for most. I lost a whole 2 pounds my first week.
    It seems very unrealisitic to me, but I love the show.

  3. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    yep, 31 lbs in a week is ridiculous. one thing to keep in mind though is that most of the weight they lost was “junk” in their bodies. They most likely got rid of it through natural detoxification. When I first started working out a few months ago (my first go around) I had lost about 9 lbs after one day:

    It was a good show nonetheless and I will be watching each week religiously. Something I found funny was that I am as heavy as some of them but I dont look as sloppy. It’s so weird.

  4. JessieNo Gravatar says:

    hahahahhaha 9 pounds in a day sounds even more ridiculous!!!
    Good stuff though.

    It is interesting how people carry their weight differently.

  5. IsraelNo Gravatar says:

    yeh i was pretty shocked. lol. i have always been heavier than i looked.

  6. I love the biggest loser. it’s amazing to see someone change so drastically and to become healthier. It’s such a great thing for them and their families that they are getting into shape.

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