Weekly Weight Loss: 3.6 lbs. Lost

Weekly weight lost 3.6 lbs

Reflecting on the Week
Another week and another positive weight loss experience. AWESOME! This time I lost 3.6 lbs. That’s perfectly in line with my monthly goal of 15 to 20 lbs. So far this month I have lost a little over 12 lbs. This past week was a weird one. Why? Well, because I felt as if I wasn’t working out enough or eating healthy enough. Although, I was! That’s what’s so weird about it. I was eating the right things, while still not restricting myself to the extreme. I was still working out and getting my sweat on, but it all felt like it wasn’t enough. I am glad to see that it WAS enough. I honestly wasn’t expecting any weight loss this week, so 3.6 lbs is a great number. Andp it’s a realistic one. The anticipation of hoping on my EatSmart digital bathroom scale was killing me. I am so glad it went well.

Reflecting on my Workouts
My workouts didn’t really change from the previous weeks. I managed to get two 5K runs in (first and second time I ever ran for 60 minutes continuously), some strength training sessions and some Tabata sprints (thanks to Mark’s Daily Apple for the suggestion). I had actually done Tabata sprints all my high school football career, but we didn’t call them that. We called them 220’s since we had to run half the track, walk across the 50 yard line, then do it again. We also called them 40’s (or 100’s)…sprinting 40 (or 100) yards at a time, stopping and then doing it all over again. Those hurt so bad!!!! My treadmill has taken a beating over the past two years and it’s time to either fix the walking belt or buy a new machine. I do run outside sometimes, but I just like how a treadmill makes me stay at a specific speed no matter what. If I run outside I gradually slow down. I do most of my sprinting outdoors still. I haven’t even mentioned the family walks we take. We do those each week and it contributes to the lifestyle!


I’ve also started doing more push-ups, which feel really good. I was doing one set each morning after I woke up, but now I have incorporated them into my warm-ups. Regarding my bodyweight exercises – I continue to have at least 1 workout a week that focuses just on my body weight, not external weights. My pull-up training commitment is starting to see some results, so that is really motivating. Push-ups and pull-ups along with my multi-joint exercise focused workouts are going to be a staple of my workout routine for years to come.

Reflecting on my Nutrition
This week saw me eat a variety of nutritious and delicious foods. The main bulk of my eating is from nutrient dense food. I am mentally calculating my caloric intake each day and keeping it at 2000 calorie max. And no, I won’t be writing the calories I eat down. That works for some folks, but it doesn’t for me. I ate some pizza, some tacos and some ice cream…that damned ice cream got me this time. Israel 2, ice cream 1. The great thing about that was that I didn’t let the ice cream end my great streak and momentum. I had 3 small scoops in a baby sized cup along with a sugar cookie that my wife and daughter baked. Not so bad if ya ask me! In the past where eating ice cream would have derailed me, this time it fueled my workouts. I would normally have just eaten the whole container too. Not this time. I was in control.

I am actually forcing myself to eat, since I am not feeling too hungry lately. I’ve also been feeling full a lot and using the bathroom consistently (TMI!!). Just the other day I had to force myself to eat dinner. I need to eat a specific amount of calories each day, otherwise I will be starving myself. This is something I DON’T want to do.

I am starting to feel the changes in my body from the continuous exercising and weight loss. It feels good seeing and feeling the results. I am almost at one full month of continuously healthy eating choices and exercising. It’s almost a habit!

Well, I’m off for now. It’s dinner time and there’s some pizza waiting for me with my name on it!

How are you doing on your journey?

Peace out.

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  1. CSPNo Gravatar says:

    well done for the diet program. Just make everything under control, mate.

  2. Great results Israel! I can’t write my food intake down either for some reason, however I know enough now about what is good and what isn’t that I have a good feel for how I am doing. I will occasionally run my meals through a calorie counter just to make sure I am on track.

  3. NCNNo Gravatar says:

    Hey now, congrats on the weight loss. I tried those Tabata sprints, too – and I have to be careful on the treadmill when I slow down or speed up rapidly! (I’ll be glad when it warms up here so that I get outside and run!)
    Rock on,

  4. Tom RooneyNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent work this week on both the exercise and food intake. Posts like this inspire me to hit the treadmill too, even on a Friday. 🙂

  5. TheantijaredNo Gravatar says:

    great job on the loss!!!!!

  6. Keep it up man. I just started a Wii-Fit goal like this. I hope it works out just as well.

  7. Keep it up Israel. Now that it’s becoming a habit you should start to find it a lot easier.

  8. MeLNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Iz…can I call u Iz?! =O) Good Job on your weight loss…u have definately inspired me a whole lot. I even started walking on my treadmill & enjoying it!!!…I haven’t used that thing since…well…I can’t even remember!! Keep up the good work and thanks for the motivation.

    • Israel LagaresNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Mel, sure call me Iz! Good stuff! You inspire me too, this site has helped me so much. I look forward to staying on this jounery together…

  9. Andy carterNo Gravatar says:

    I just started a Wii-Fit goal like this , excellent work this week on both the exercise and food intake. Posts like this inspire me to hit the treadmill too, even on a Monday.

  10. DaveNo Gravatar says:

    great job for weight loss,Now i try to do more exercise too.

  11. madoNo Gravatar says:

    great job on the loss!!!!!

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