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Insulin Resistance – Is it holding you back?

Feeling sluggish? Having trouble concentrating? Always irritable? ALWAYS HUNGRY??? To a struggling dieter, these feelings might seem quite ordinary, but for a person carrying around more weight than they should, they could also be signs of something more serious. These feelings could be caused by spikes and plunges in your blood sugar, which could be […]

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Fat People Cause Swine Flu or How to Avoid Swine Flu

We all know that Swine Flu hysteria is sweeping the country like the iPod/iPhone did when Apple first released it. But did you know that fat people cause swine flu? Fat people cause everything nowadays, so from one concerned fat citizen to the world here are some swine flu prevention tips. Swine Flu Prevention Tips […]

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Does My Appendix Weigh 6 Pounds?

I doubt it does, since it’s such a tiny insignificant part of the human body. This is a continuation of yesterdays post about my come back from appendicitis. I had to stay an extra day in the hospital just because my blood was still a bit contaminated. It took me a couple of days, but […]

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I Walked Around with a Ruptured Appendix for 6 Days

It was unintentional. I wasn’t trying to be a tough guy. I recommend that if you feel any odd pains to go check yourself out ASAP. It started as a small pain on the right side, which I shrugged off as being a mild strain from having worked out. The pain was bearable and rarely […]