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Show Off the Fat and Go Shirtless at 284 Lbs

That’s right. I go shirtless. I made this video back in July and haven’t gotten around to posting it. But I figured I’d do it since NO ONE is going shirtless in the weight loss blog world until AFTER they have lost the weight, and that includes Muata!!!

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Chin Up Challenge Attempt at 284 Lbs.

About 30 days ago, June 23rd 2009, I challenged myself. I was to perform one unassisted chin up by August 1st. I recorded myself not being able to perform a chin up, as proof. I then did some band assisted chin ups, three reps, for the first time ever. Not being able tp perform a chin up was pretty embarrassing, but the way I look at it is that I have a ton of room for growth. And I will show growth!