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Nutrisystem Feels Like Cheating

I’ve been eating the Nutrisystem food for a bit now and I must say it tastes a lot better than I expected. One of the things that bothers me, but I guess it’s something I need to deal with, is that the food makes me feel as if I’m cheating. Why, you ask? Well, the […]

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Eating and Exercise, My Month in Review

This weight loss journey has been a pain in the ass. I started out in May of 2007 weighing in at around 348 lbs. That’s 2 lbs shy of 350 freaking pounds. Insane!! When I first started I figured I would drop the weight in a few months and be fine. Boy was I wrong. […]

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Eating Paper to Lose Weight

Back in junior high school I was a typical fat kid. Uncomfortable in my own skin, I took the joke a science teacher once told and tried eating paper to lose weight. Now this isn’t a case of pica or some other eating disorder, I only tried it for a few days before I decided […]