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4 Year Old Kid Doing a Burpee

I was in the backyard working out with my wife when my daughter started imitating what we were doing. We were performing burpees when my daughter just started busting out some reps! I think she has decent form for a kid that has never done burpees before. She basically has the squat (frog), kick back, and jump mastered, now she needs to work on her push ups.

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Eating and Exercise, My Month in Review

This weight loss journey has been a pain in the ass. I started out in May of 2007 weighing in at around 348 lbs. That’s 2 lbs shy of 350 freaking pounds. Insane!! When I first started I figured I would drop the weight in a few months and be fine. Boy was I wrong. […]

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Exercise Is Bad for You, Says Expert in Video Interview

In this ground breaking, earth shattering, myth busting, conventional wisdom destroying video interview I was fortunate enough to sit down with someone that has great insight into the health, fitness, and exercise world as we know it. The following is a video interview I conducted about two weeks ago. The most interesting comment is that […]

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Cut the B.S. and Get Fit!

Many people ask me “What’s a good workout routine?” and it’s hard to explain a lot of times, since everyone’s body types vary so much. What works for one, may not or will not work well for someone else, but what I’ve found through training myself and others, is best summarized in the next few […]

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Exercising Sucks

Actually, exercising doesn’t suck. What sucks is when you’ve worked months and months on your dieting and have lost a lot of weight and then you add exercise to your program and start gaining it back. However, no matter how much it sucks, don’t be discouraged. With the exercise your body has to make modifications […]