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Fat People Cause Swine Flu or How to Avoid Swine Flu

We all know that Swine Flu hysteria is sweeping the country like the iPod/iPhone did when Apple first released it. But did you know that fat people cause swine flu? Fat people cause everything nowadays, so from one concerned fat citizen to the world here are some swine flu prevention tips. Swine Flu Prevention Tips […]

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Fat People and Global Warming…Happy Earth Day

It appears that studies are saying fat people cause global warming or at the very least contribute towards it. Last year I wrote a comedic piece about that very topic. In it I mention a lot of the things that would appear to to contribute towards “Global Warming.” It is important to note that I […]

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Fat People Cause Global Warming: Fat Isn’t Very Green

Photo Courtesy of starsky1231 Lately, we have noticed an increasing push for “going green.” We have seen changes in everything from transportation to food preparation to the internet. This got me thinking about how I could make my life greener. My immediate realization was that I was a walking global warming vessel. I’m fat. Being […]