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Getting Back Up…..

Like most people, I find myself wanting to lose some inches and weight. So I went back into the gym, I am watching what I am eating, and I even hired a personal trainer. But with all of this, I still found myself wanting a little something more to kick my ass. So I decided to join a class called Bootcamp.

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My Three Word Memoir: Be About It

Be About It It’s pretty simple. Be About It. Don’t talk about it. That’s my three word memoir if I had to have one right this second. So what’s the point of this? Well, Michael Kwan of Beyond the Rhetoric tagged me with his Six Word Memoir post. By tagging me he was essentially asking […]

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Human Weapon is a Test of Inner Warriorness

A buddy put me on to a new show called Human Weapon. The premise of the show is two athletes fly around the world, learn the locations fighting style, and then compete against trained experts in the field. I must say it’s simply amazing. It’s like the best show ever. If I had to make […]