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Coming Out of the Dieting Closet

By far, my least favorite of all the filthy, scandalous four-letter words in the English language is “DIET”. No other word has the ability to make my toes curl and skin crawl like the dreaded “D” word. Tell me that the idea of having to go on a “diet“, or the memory of having been […]

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America is in a Depression but Whose Fault is that?

You may have just read the title to this blog and are left wondering “What does this have to do with weight loss?” Well my answer to that question is, “It has everything to do with it!” Did you know that 2/3 of America is considered obese? Which is not surprising being that we no longer have to fight, hunt, and kill to get our food. No not at all, we live in a time of fast food and microwaves. It’s sad to say but we as humans try to find the easiest and fastest but yet not so beneficial way to do everything.

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The Power of the Mind

In order to take control of your life, you must first take control of yourself. In order to take control of yourself, you must first take control of your body. In order to take control of your body, you must first take control of your mind, and to take control of your mind, you must first change your way of thinking. When you think about yourself, or your life, or your family, or anything in your environment, do you think as a pessimist, or as an optimist?

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Motivation and How Do We Find It?

May third, really the forth as it’s just after midnight. Israel had asked me if I was interested in writing for him here, he and I have been talking a lot of paintball and even more Internet. At first I was really taken back, I have little respect for my writing ability but as of […]

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Former Fat Guy Rob Cooper On Mental Mindset

This is the final part of a three part interview with Rob Cooper of The past two interviews focused on his fitness and nutrition, this time we will focus on his mental mindset. How important is the mental aspect to your training and nutritional program? How you think, and more importantly, what you think […]